I Will Live Until I Die

I Will Live Until I Die

Last update: 29 March, 2022

As you read the quote below, consider these questions: What do these words suggest to you? Utopia? Idealism? Impossible to put into practice?

Think about how they might apply to your life; those situations in which you sometimes, or always, are the only one negatively affected.

The next time you have to decide something about your own life, or make a personal choice, ask yourself this important question: “How long am I going to be dead?” In light of this eternal perspective, you can now decide what you prefer, what you choose, and leave the fears, the worries, the question of whether or not you can allow yourself something, and the guild to those who will be living. 

If you don’t begin to act in this way, you might as well think of the actual possibility of living your whole life as others think you should. Undoubtedly if our stay on Earth is so short, it should at least be pleasant. When it comes to your life, do what you want with it. 

-Wayne Dyer-

Reflecting on this wonderful text, you may be left with an important question: how can I live this way? How can I put this advice into practice?

Deep down, no matter how discouraged we may feel, we believe that life is a gift. It is only a walk, a walk that deserves to be taken and respected, as Frank Sinatra said: “I’m gonna live till I die”.

Step 1: Identify what can’t be fixed

Take an inventory of your unsolvable sorrows and your worries that have no answer. Look at them, and think: What can I do about all of this?

If you can’t do anything, then simply let them be. If you believe it is healthy to pursue a solution, then grab it. You will find out afterwards if you are able to take charge of it. For the rest, let them be.

It is not a question of leaving them to rot, necessarily, but give them up to the wind, the earth, the sun, and to the rain. Maybe these supernatural elements can do something with them, but your mind no longer can. There is no solution, there is no cause for why they appeared in your life, even though you have spent years remembering what could have happened to get to this point.

You have done everything that you could have done to find the answers, and all of those things become part of you. For now, just let them go. They are in a much greater and wiser place. Maybe they too wanted to be let go, because your mind was smothering them. Give it a try. Do you feel lighter?

Step 2: Turn your sorrows over to the universe 

There do exist things that are more difficult than worries and insecurities. There is trauma, grief, loss, and illness. It is more difficult to get these things out of your head, but you can take them into your own hands, and hold them there, while not missing the experiential value of everything that has happened in your life.

So, endure all of these things for a while; do what you need to do. Keep with you the lessons you have learned from them, or are still learning, and those lessons help you to continue forward, and becoming better even than you were before.

Don’t remain with your suffering; hand it to the universe and ask it to do what it can with it, and that now, you will move forward. The universe will be very pleased. 

Hands holding the image of the universe in an orb

Step 3: Step out into the world

Now is the moment to get the magic back that you once lost. Be intuitiveContemplate nature. Smile. Do everything that you once did, but without your mental burden.

Remember, that what you do is more  important than what you think…Dare yourself!

Girl running in a field in front of a pink cloud

If you are nervous, sad, confused, or feeling anxious…remember, these are emotions. Try to treat them that way. Don’t avoid them; they are part of you. You carry them with us wherever you go, but they are not the power switch that controls you. You are you. Our emotions are not what make us different, but rather what we do with them, consciously or subconsciously.

Accept the challenge of living life even though you may not feel prepared for it. What a bore life would be if you knew what was going to happen! 

Step 4: Search out things that give you joy 

We all go through phases that are “complicated”. It is not time to choose. We will all die eventually; live how you decide to live, and not how others want you to.

At this point, what do you allow yourself? Don’t you think now is the time to look for reinforcement? Do you think it is time to go searching for what in life makes you feel good?

Leaving so much pain behind may feel strange. It is normal; sadness is addictive. Your mind tells you sad things and you act according to what it tells you, as you have always done. 

Don’t wait for your mind to tell you “Enough!” to change this routine that has you so distracted. Our mind has evolved to warn us of the dangers and to not be too compassionate.  It is the time to do the things your soul and instinct tell you to, but you have never taken the time to listen. 

Make a call, read, buy a plane ticket and take a trip, go for a walk, or simply give someone a hug. There are all things that will make you feel good. Listen to yourself and contemplate. When you stop struggling with your destructive feelings, everything will start to look different.

Step 5: Make choices 

Choose. Choose what you want to do. As one soul in this immense universe, you will be asked for few explanations. Choose not out of convenience, but for what makes you you; choose what you want to do with your time.

Choose what you see, choose what you read, and choose who is close to you. Turn off the television. Say no, without being rude. 

Build a life that aligns with your values, even if you may not always share them with others.

It is true that sometimes life is hard, but maybe death is scaring you instead of showing you that life is short and you  should take advantage of it. 

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.