We Aren’t Defined by Achievements, Rather Challenges

November 3, 2015

Sometimes, we get caught up in believing that life is all about achieving results. We set short and long-term goals almost every day, and they are great to have. After all, how good is it to wake up every morning feeling motivated and eager? There’s just nothing like it!

We love to reach our goals. They show us just what we are capable of: landing that job, getting that promotion, buying that house or car, winning the man or woman of our dreams. We plan out and build our lives based on these large and small goals. However, does all of this really define who we are?

Many of us would tend to think that it does. However, there is something even more valuable than achievement. Can you guess what it is? It’s the ability to overcome challenges. Ultimately overcoming what we see as painful is what makes us so much stronger.

How can we improve our ability to overcome challenges?

Achieving vs. overcoming

First, we must differentiate between the ability to achieve something and personal growth.

  • The ability to achieve is the effort and what an individual is able to invest in attaining a goal.
  • It is mainly found in the type of person who has a clear understanding of what they want and need; a person who fights for these things and maintains a high expectation toward achievements.
  • It requires consistency and tenacity.
  • It is found in those who have a list of goals to accomplish day after day; who are implicitly self-demanding.
  • Those who have a high capacity for achieving goals generally tend to be successful in their professional lives.

Without a doubt, these are some very positive qualities that raise our self-esteem. However, is who we are really based solely on our ability to achieve?

At times, it is often said that true strength and the greatest courage in a person comes from their ability to overcome adversity. This personal strength is sometimes much more satisfying than reaching a goal.


The pillars of personal growth

You are not defined by what you achieve, but what you overcome. So now we ask, what have you overcome throughout your lifetime? You surely have faced numerous difficulties with strength. Those things now define who you are and what you see in yourself when you look in the mirror.

What is behind this ability to overcome daily challenges?

1. A positive attitude

Having a positive attitude is essential in overcoming any challenge. Maintaining strength and hope gives us the energy to be courageous. It helps us believe in ourselves.

2. Facing challenges head on

The emptiness, threats, problems or losses with which we have had to battle on occasion, are enemies that we deal with, but never back down from. Gather your strength, trust in yourself and face them head on. Never run or back down from your problems.

3. Resilience

Resilience is fundamental.  It doesn’t matter how traumatic, complicated or devastating an experience has been…we can learn from any difficult situation and come out stronger because of it. There is nothing more rewarding than overcoming a threatening or stressful situation with resilience.

4. Self-esteem

How can we define self-esteem in a simple yet practical way? Self-esteem is the balance where you can find confidence, self-respect, loving life and being content with what you have and deserve.

5. Being in touch with your emotions

Positive emotions help us prosper as well as “plant” us in our reality through empathy, love, balance, well-being and emotional intelligence.

All of these factors are seeds that enhance our capacity to overcome challenges and this one of the most rewarding things about being human. Put them into practice!