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Susto: When the Spirit Leaves the Body

If we ask someone what susto is, they’ll most likely say that it’s a startled response, similar to shock.  Thus, when something scares us, it can shock us, causing us to jump out of fear. We’re talking about a sensation born…

5 Myths About Senior Sexuality

Many consider senior sexuality a taboo subject. Society doesn’t talk about it out of shame, fear, or simply ignorance. We praise eternal youth, link sexuality to it, and think it’s exclusively for young people.

5 Beethoven Quotes on Music and Life

Beethoven is one of the most important composers in the history of music. Schools and conservatories still study his works as clear examples of what music was like during the Romanticism era. However, although he’s famous for his musical genius,…

Pleasure: The Devil’s Invention?

Pleasure, the immediate reward, is the devil’s invention, a universal invention. The center of the biological universe consists of enjoyment, reward, and avoiding pain. This is an idea burned into the deepest part of all living beings on our planet. This…

How to Know If You’re Too Silent

It’s not easy to know when we should speak up and when we should be silent. You could say that being able to recognize the right moment for each one is an art. The proverb “When words are many, transgression is…

5 Reasons Why Psychotherapy May Fail

Psychotherapy fails for different reasons, but that failure is always relative. The simple fact of having started the process is positive. That same disposition to get better and the interest to do so represent self-love and a willingness to get better.

Pediatric Chronic Pain: an Overlooked Illness

Pain is an experience as complex as it is personal, which is why great care and communication are needed to respond to a patient’s needs. But, when we see children with chronic pain (pediatric chronic pain), communicating can be difficult…

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