She Will Always Be My Superhero

She Will Always Be My Superhero

Last update: 14 February, 2018

Let me tell you a story of overcoming adversity, and of admiration. Not everybody knows how to get up when they hit rock bottom, or move forward when everything they see is a mirage in the middle of a barren wasteland.

The young woman I’m about to tell you about is a superhero, even if sometimes people forget that.

Her smile is unlike any other. It comes from her story, it reflects her past. Despite her young age, she knows what it’s like to feel deep sadness and hopelessness.

Fortunately, today she can talk about it and explain why she decided to remove those negative emotions from her life, as tempting as they were.

Only a few will have been lucky enough to really know her — to know that when she’s quiet, she’s hiding a lot. To understand that when she laughs, she really feels it.

Not everyone understands her way of expressing what she wants and what she loves, because only those who have seen the world through her eyes know what she keeps inside.

There’s still a long way to go. Sometimes she feels like she’s slowly exploding, and she’s afraid the debris will fall onto the people around her. In times like those, her cape becomes a protective shield. She gets scared just like anyone else, but that makes her brave.

She’s a superhero because she uses her experiences to help others, because she’s learned to put words and emotions to them. It was her own personal decision to learn and teach.

Like a superhero, she pushes on

There are superheroes who fight, but in this story, the hero fights just to keep going. She learns to use her external circumstances to make her stronger on the inside. Her strength prevents her from succumbing to the prejudices that threaten to chain her down and take away her freedom.

girl sprouting butterfly wings

She always moves forward, because even when she hits a dead end, it’s not final. There’s always a reason to get back up again and keep going. She’s a superhero because she has courage, strength, and a fighter’s spirit. She can handle anything, I’m certain of it.

I admire her because she knows how to lean on other people without hurting them. She knows how to break down the wall that separates her from the rest of the world.

I admire her because she continues to get up every day and smile that smile full of stories and strength. I admire her because she she takes care of others the way she takes care of herself. There’s no line that separates her loved ones from ordinary people.

The ending is yet to be written

A superhero knows when to ask for help. Sometimes you can’t find the way out by yourself, but with a little help and skill, you’ll figure out how to face your problems. I’m sure you’ve learned how to do that very well already.

super speed

My superhero has a small but mighty army by her side. She is a treasure to behold. And whenever she loses strength, there will be someone by her side to help her.

Just like runners need people to give them water from the sidelines, whenever she gets tired, her entire army is there without a second thought to give her strength, to use their own superpowers to support her until she remembers her own.

The ending hasn’t been written yet — we write it ourselves. We stop living when we lose the will to fight. When the temptation to throw in the towel is greater than the energy we’ve been holding onto for so long.

My superhero forgot that she had a cape and had to make a  new one herself. It wasn’t easy, but she built a whole story of conquering challenges. Now she shows it to the world with pride.

Few actions produce more pride than advancing towards a goal when the wind is against you. Few fires have enough power to bring you courage.

To my superhero: you have an army that protects you and rejoices in every step you take. Thank you for opening up your world and giving everything you have, because that cape you made shines with colors more beautiful than a rainbow.

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