Twilight Love: Mature Love That Comes At The Right Time

Twilight Love: Mature Love That Comes At The Right Time

Last update: 31 May, 2016

Have you ever thought about twilight love? Twilight love is a love that comes at the right time, when you will know how to better appreciate it than if it would have come to you earlier. We’ve all experienced love that perhaps came too soon, and twilight love is a welcome beacon of joy.

Love rarely warns us when it comes. It doesn’t have any bells, there are no invitations, and it isn’t accompanied by a court to allow it to be seen in the distance. It depends on how we accept it. However, there are times when it seems to have known how to choose the perfect occasion to make an appearance. Twilight love is like that.

What is twilight love?

Twilight love refers to that quiet feeling of love and understanding, which comes at exactly the right moment. It is the culmination of having experience a lot in life and having gained the wisdom of knowing what we do not want and what our heart yearns for.

boy putting a flower in his girlfriend's hair

When our heart is pained by passion and punished by suffering from past experiences, there comes a time when you need tranquility and rest. It is at this time when the ideal opportunity occurs for twilight love to fill your soul with joy. Because twilight love is a quiet and restful love. A feeling of togetherness between two people that has nothing to do with the harshness, rush or exaggerations of past relationships.

Twilight love feeds on experiences. There comes a time when we know perfectly well what we want. Suddenly, we know what we do not like because we have learned from the experiences that have made us suffer. We must first gain a thorough knowledge of ourselves and our feelings so that then, together with the right person, we can experience a quiet and beautiful passion.

Loves of today and always

It is well known that over the years humans experience a tremendous amount of emotions and feelings related to love. From a very young age, we began to feel a strong, beating heart in need of strong emotions.

In our youth, especially during adolescence, our heart is awakened by an unbridled passion that makes us live every emotion of the soul intensely. So much so that not being with the one you love can hurt. A first love is pure fire, wildness and burning without borders.

“If passion, if madness never passed through the souls … What would life be?”

-Jacinto Benavente-

Later come other relationships that combine experience and discovery. Loves of our youth that may be variations on what we have already experienced. However, they cannot be considered as twilight since they maintain a tone of adolescent immaturity and a constant tug of war, even though they are laying the foundations of our personality.

Finally, after a long process of pain, suffering, pleasure and dialogue, comes the time for twilight love. Our hearts have been through so many partners that they need the deserved rest of a warrior and know how to get it because they know themselves well. They have accumulated a rich experience and know much about their souls.

Twilight love in films

Hollywood gives us beautiful examples of twilight love. Unforgettable stories that remind us that true love is worth waiting for. Who hasn’t felt their heart warmed with the wonderful adventure of Katharine Hepburn and Henry Fonda in “On Golden Pond”?

But if we talk about skin deep emotions and love at the brink of twilight, we cannot ignore the intense story between Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep in “The Bridges of Madison County.” Passion in the twilight of two people who discover they still have hearts that beat in their chests.

We could go on with many nostalgic examples. Bill Murray finds his passion in “Lost in Translation,” Shirley MacLaine finds it next to the old astronaut, Jack Nicholson, in “Terms of Endearment,” or Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn in “Robin and Marian.”

The beauty of twilight love

siluette of a couple at dusk

When twilight love comes, you finally stop being a slave to your passions. At that time, everything seems much easier. Being separated from the person you love in your youth seems to destroy your soul. However, with wisdom and patience which comes with experience, you will be able to integrate the story of love much better.

“All passions are good as long as you own them, and they are all bad when they enslave you”.

-Jean-Jacques Rousseau-

All of the experiences you have lived, both painful and not, will help you learn to appreciate that person next to you. At the same time, you’ll find that you need to understand your partner and between the two of you a wonderful combination and a unique and splendid communication is created.

But do not forget that twilight love will not come if you do not really want it or if you are not prepared. It will not make an appearance if you do not understand and do not get along with your partner. Experience and tranquility are healing virtues for the heart, and when a couple has these two, they will find great joy.


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