Fall in Love with My Dark Side

Fall in Love with My Dark Side

Last update: 06 May, 2016

Anyone can fall in love with my virtues, with the parts of me that shine. But up until now, nobody has had the courage to fall in love with my dark side, with my abstract thoughts, my bad moods, my moments of overwhelming sadness, my inner villain. Fall in love with me, with my light and above all, my darkness.

If you fall in love with my dark side, you’ll see who I really am, what I’m afraid of, what worries me, and you’ll be able to hug me when I shake. You’ll see, with time, that I am eternally contradictory and inconsistent, as much as I try not to be. If you fall in love with all of my skeletons, you will really have fallen in love with me.

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

-Carl Jung-

When you discover my dark side

Discovering my dark side is just a question of time. Sooner or later it will come out and you’ll see the worst of me, but don’t be afraid; I’m just a girl who’s afraid of filling her over-sized adult shoes. Look at me attentively, notice what bothers me, what angers me, what I’m unable to put up with. This is what my dark side is made of, which you won’t see upon first look.

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Fall in love with my craziness

Fall in love with the craziness that inhabits my mind, the crazy and irrational things I do every day without thinking of the consequences. We may not know which way is up and which way is down, but we’ll always see the stars. Everything will spin around us, and nothing will be what it seems.

Fall in love with my immaturity, stubbornness, impatience

Sometimes I’ll act like a little child, equal parts sweet and capricious, endlessly stubborn and impatient. Sometimes you won’t be able to deal with me. If you still want me, if you still look at me and fall in love with me, I won’t stop hugging you and kissing you until you smile.

If I get angry and don’t talk to you, it’s just because my biggest  fear since childhood is showing who I am for all to see. You need patience if you want to really know me, to peel back the veils that I hide behind, one by one.

You can’t predict what I’ll do or say next; you’ll simply have to watch and smile. You won’t know what my crazy side has in store until you look me in the eyes one day and see the deepest, darkest part of my being. And if you fall in love with this dark, wild, unpredictable part of me, I’ll share my world and my craziness with you.

Fall in love with my fears

When I’m feeling afraid, look at me and listen to me. You’ll know what scares me, the things in life that terrify me the most. I’ll feel vulnerable, but I know that you’ll keep my secrets and know how to protect them. If you are still in love with me when I’m afraid, I’ll be able to look at you and know that you’ll protect me. And you’ll be open about your fears and we’ll face them together, courageously.

“The people who really love you, love you in silence, with actions, not words.”

-Carlos Ruiz Zafón-

Fall in love with me

rainbow face

Don’t fall in love with the shiny, beautiful parts of me, because that’s not what really matters. Anybody can see and fall in love with that. If  you don’t run away when you see all the bad parts of me, then I’ll know that you have really fallen in love with me. The parts of me that shine are just an illusion to hide the bad things, what nobody stops to see. Look beneath the skin of my soul, beneath the pretenses. Don’t stop looking or being curious about who and what I am.

Every day, each tear I shed will contain a secret, another thread in the web of my life that can help you understand my existence and figure out my dark side, which is my torment and my passion. And every day you’ll see one less tear on my face, because my lips will curve into a smile that shows you how happy I am to have finally found you.

“Darkness does not exist. Darkness is in reality the absence of light.”

-Albert Einstein-


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