Signs You’re Dating a Narcissist

Signs You’re Dating a Narcissist

Last update: 07 January, 2016

For some reason we are particularly attracted to narcissists although they do not happen to be the best company.

Are you in love with one? Check this list and find out.

“Chances are you know some narcissists. Chances are they’re smart and sure of themselves. They make you laugh, they make you think. You probably loved them the first time you met them. Most likely, that feeling did not last. “

-Jeffrey Kluger-

They are unable to accept their mistakes

A narcissist will have trouble accepting they are wrong and will always make you feel like you’re wrong. As much as they love you, you’ll always end up feeling that you take the brunt of it all…and it’s true. Everyone is guilty but them.

Jealousy never ends

“Not even your worst enemy can hurt you as much as your own thoughts”


A narcissist is envious of all that he cannot have. Even the smallest detail will enrage your beloved narcissist when he sees you with someone else.

They fail to accept that you have other interests and other important people in your life. His jealousy will take the relationship to the limit.

jealousy never ceases

They control the conversation all the time

Conversations, like relationships, are all about giving and receiving. Does your special someone give you space to express your ideas? Or does it only matter what he says, wants or thinks?

There’s nothing a narcissist likes more than hearing his own voice. The problem is not that you don’t talk, it’s that you are never able to express yourself.

They feel they are too perfect in comparison to others

Beauty is often associated with narcissism. This does not mean that by being in love with a beautiful person they are a narcissist. Moreover, a narcissist can have a self-image much higher than they should.

They usually give a picture of perfection and security, but on the inside they have low self-esteem.

The narcissist believes that he is intelligent while the rest are fools

“When we do not understand something must either declare it absurd or greater than our intelligence. The first interpretation is usually adopted”

-Concepcion Arenal-

Does your partner makes you feel like everything you say is wrong? Every time you talk to him, do you end up feeling like your opinions are worthless?

If the answer is yes, then I have bad news for you: you’re dating a narcissist.

It doesn’t matter if his IQ is not the highest or how much you prove him wrong. The relationship will be very exhausting because you’ll feel minimized all the time.

He’s unable to show appreciation

When you give him a gift, he takes it as if he deserved it and nothing is ever enough. Forget about him thanking you for anything you do for him…

Moreover, he will make you feel like everything you do or give is insufficient. Gradually you will feel a lack of energy and the relationship will become a burden.

If you let the relationship progress, you’ll end up unhappy and feeling like everything has been a waste of time.

narcissists aren't grateful

Their honesty is brutal

“I think what makes you beautiful is being honest, transparent”

Gaby Moreno

Being honest with your partner is healthy. Moreover, it should be the least you expect. Lies and deception indicate that something is wrong.

The problem occurs when this honesty is intentionally hurtful. If your partner tells you things in a very rude way and seems to enjoy hurting you, think about whether it is healthy. It will seem as if he likes to hurt you because that’s the way he is.

He always remembers your mistakes and forgets your accomplishments

Forget about a narcissist ever praising you for what you do well. It won’t happen. Conversely, you can expect that every mistake is maximized and criticism will always be present.

You will be judged harshly by the slightest errors. If the person you love only cares to see and remember the bad, you’ll never feel satisfied.

Narcissists don’t change

Most people have the ability to change when they choose. A narcissist will not change because as he sees it, he is perfect.

If you have a complaint, it will be your problem and he will want you to feel like you’re the one who’s wrong. Do not hold onto any  hope that he’ll change for you because he won’t do it for anyone or anything.

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