Love Is in the Small Details

Love Is in the Small Details

Last update: 04 October, 2015

Love is in the small details. Hugging you. Sleeping by your side. Reading a book beside you. Sitting down and thinking about you. Getting a phone call from you. Going to bed and having you enter my thoughts. Feeling happiness as I smell your cologne. Smiling because great memories suddenly come back to me…

I know that love would not be love without all that. It would be nothing. Because this is what shows that we love each other and, above all, that we know each other. Love is that adventure of getting to know yourself and your partner every day , reinventing the relationship and its meaning.

Do something small constantly and you will see how you achieve great things.

We try to rise to the greatest heights and to have the most costly niceties without noticing that the simple things are the most valuable. The good days, the little kisses, the acts of attention and understanding, this is what really sustains love.

True greatness consists in being great  in little things.

Routine in love is not bad; what’s bad is boredom and a lack of emotion. The trick is for both members of the couple to love these rituals, because then they will be worth it. In a routine, any detail can become a great memory.

The artist Puuung has illustrated these daily life moments for us, making it clear that the amazing part of living in love is being able to appreciate the smallest and most intimate details. It is these moments that are full of magic and comfort us each day. 



“Because without searching, I keep on finding you everywhere, especially when I open my eyes”
-Julio Cortázar-


 “Love is, above all else, the gift of oneself.”
-Jean Anouihl-


 Love is not made of happiness, but of stability.


  “Love is intensity and therefore a distension of time,  it stretches the minutes and drags them as centuries”
-Octavio Paz-


 “Love has no cure, it is the only medicine for all ills.”
-Leonard Cohen-


 In love the paradox occurs  that two beings become one and yet remain two.


 Love is not just desire…


 Loving means looking in the same direction together.


Those who love one another with the heart speak with the heart.


 Love comes in gestures and details that we can easily overlook in our daily lives.


 “The kiss is the only thing that does not accept theory…”
-Samuel Ros-


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