Beauty Is On the Inside

December 2, 2015

I’m not happy the way I am. I don’t like my body. I don’t look good. 

I hate my teeth, my chest, my hips. I’ve got a lot more weight to lose. I haven’t been able to lose this baby weight.

I never get close to others. I’m afraid of being judged. All my friends are with someone except me.

Sound familiar?

It’s the dialogue we usually have with ourselves. This way of speaking becomes a kind of self-sabotage that creates insecurity, lowers self-esteem and decreases self-love.

Now think…what is it you do like about yourself? Your eyes, your hair, your kindness, your unconditional loyalty? Surely you can think of hundreds of things inside your soul.




There is endless beauty behind our insecurities, which we question and it sickens us with fear.

We are what we think and, with these beliefs, we put on a disguise that prevents the world from seeing us as we are. But sometimes even the rest of the world sees how wonderful we are on the inside before we do.

“Only with the heart can one see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
Saint Exupery

What is important is the soul. What it is under all of the clothing. The invisible. That which is beyond the view of the naked eye. Real beauty is internal, the only kind that will not perish, the kind you can not take away, and can only be seen when looking into the eyes of the soul.

It is that which cannot be measured, for true beauty is an attitude. We are all concerned about appearances and try not to appear quirky or clash with the conventions that imprison us and do not allow us to show the world our splendor. But the reality is that there is no makeup on the planet that can beautify an ugly heart. Recognizing this is extremely important for our self-esteem.



“Outer beauty is only a charm of the moment. The appearance of the body is not always a reflection of the soul.”
-George Sand.-


A beautiful interior is built to love life and get rid of voids and negative feelings. You don’t need to fabricate your beauty with makeup and trendy clothes because true beauty lies within us.

Be gentle, do not allow yourself to be hardened by the pain. Create your own beauty, one that cannot be defined in words and cultivate it with small details. The key is there on the inside.