The Top 5 Enemies To Your Goals

The Top 5 Enemies To Your Goals

Last update: 18 December, 2015

Everyone has goals to achieve, be that as students, professionals, mothers and fathers, or aspects related to health and physical fitness. Often times, we see the path globally and forget that fighting for your objective is a matter of dedication and is directly linked to what you do every day to achieve it.

It’s therefore useful to know what factors can trip you up in your pursuit of your goals:

1. Laziness

Going all day in pajamas without wanting to clean up, and rolling around longer in bed aren’t going to help you very much. Those moments should be relegated to 2-3 rest days.

Exercising upon waking is almost a magical cure. The radio can be a good ally, and that the prelude to your day is much more pleasant and you’ll feel accompanied while facing your day. If you begin to feel tired again throughout the day, think about how good it feels to go to bed knowing everything you got done.

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2. Not preparing the night before

A few habits that will take you no more than 20 minutes the night before can simplify your life in amazing ways. Almost 50% of the “minor” issues we face could have been eliminated by planning the day before.

Be sure that that shirt and the pants you’re thinking of wearing are clean and ironed. Lay your outfit out on a chair where it is visible to you when you wake up. You don’t have to do anything but put it on! Get your bag or purse together, including all the papers and tools you’ll need for the day.

Remember that dead cellphone battery at noon, the paperwork you were supposed to turn in at 11, and the list of things to shop for that you need for dinner that night. Set alarms if you have to take any type of medication, or if you have to make any important calls. Your day will surely be more enjoyable.

3. Comparing yourself to others

You waste so much time and energy thinking about others. You are your reference and everyone has their minor inconveniences and problems that they deal with on a daily basis.


4. Not setting “a time for intrusive thoughts”

Does it frequently occur that you’re right in the middle of something at work or school, when you’re bombarded by a sea of ideas rushing to your head and distracting you, ideas about things you can’t possibly resolve at that exact moment? Vacations, that discussion with your client yesterday, the weekly shopping, bills, canceling the phone line…

It’s good to set aside a time at the end of the day to think about those things. When all those thoughts come rushing up, write them down and then say “I’ll deal with this later.” Later on when you’re not so busy, think about them, their solution and at what point of the week you can tackle them.

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5. Lack of motivation

Being motivated to complete our current task is crucial. There’s nothing better than looking back and realizing how far you’ve come, regardless of the circumstances you faced. Don’t stress more than necessary, don’t worry, and stay busy. Freeing yourself from all these things will help you see that your dream is no longer on a pedestal, and it’s so close you can almost reach out and touch it.

Go get it, tiger!

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