The 10 Most Common Lies Men Tell

The 10 Most Common Lies Men Tell

Last update: 16 October, 2015

I know this may be a controversial statement, but according to a study done in England, men lie three times as much as women and especially to women. Another study of around 2,000 people, published in Daily Mail, said that men confirmed that they lied around 6 times a day, whereas the women said they lied around 3 times.


There are different opinions on this: to impress the opposite sex, to avoid hurting a woman’s feelings in a given moment, out of fear, insecurity, infidelity…even to get sex.

What are the most common lies men tell?

  1. I’m not married and don’t have a girlfriend. There are many women who, once they are already in a relationship, discover that he was indeed married or had a girlfriend.
  2. You’re the first woman I’ve done this with. This may be to impress you or because he doesn’t remember but no….
  3. I had a problem with my car and no way to get in touch with you. Well, sometimes it seems easier for him to say this than having to think up other explanations.
  4. I would never hurt you. They say talk is cheap…and we are all human, but even though you said you’d never hurt me, you did!
  5. Yes, I went out with her, but nothing happened… That whole “nothing happened” thing? That’s not what I was told by someone who saw you at the bar…
  6. I just see her as a friend. Well maybe you’re just saying that so you don’t hurt her feelings, but you are attracted to her, admit it!
  7. She’s just a coworker. Ugh, so many relationships have ended over a coworker, because you liked her more than me!
  8. I’ll call you tomorrow. And he never calls you. If you happen to meet him again in the street, then comes the next lie: “I lost your phone number.” Well depending on how you understand it, it can be a polite way to say he’s not interested in you. When a man likes a woman, he does whatever it takes to contact her and if he lost her number, he will find it however he can.

These are the 10 lies that we have found to be the most common amongst men, but you probably know even better ones…

Women are better liars than men

This, again, is documented by research: women are better liars than men. In addition, according to psychologist Manuel Alarcón Molina, women are better at controlling emotions related to guilt and regret, and when they have a really important secret, they don’t tell anyone, even their best friend.

And what is the unisex lie?

It seems that there is also a lie that’s overused by men and women alike: “Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine.” This is according to a survey carried out by the company 20th Century Fox in England after the premiere of the series “Lie To Me .”

We all lie

In conclusion, we all lie, women about the money that they’ve spent – “Oh this dress, I’ve had it forever,” and men about going out for a drink with friends.

We hope, dear readers, that you take these words with a sense of humor, just like we have as we wrote them… because at the end of the day, we’re all human and we all lie, both women and men. Some more than others, but this depends more on our personality than our gender.

And so that no one gets angry, we will finish up with a quote by Fabio Fusaro, author of various books for couples: “It’s true that men lie more, but without a doubt, women do it better.”

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