If You Think Like Everyone Else, You are Not Thinking

If You Think Like Everyone Else, You are Not Thinking

Last update: 01 December, 2015

If you think like everyone else, then you are not thinking. Keep this in mind as your read this story:

It is told that in a city in the middle of the country, a group of people were having some fun with the laughingstock of the town, a poor, unhappy person, unintelligent, who made his living on small errands and charities. 

Every day, some men would call him into a bar where they would meet, and would make him choose between two coins: one very large coin that was worth 400 reales, and another, smaller coin, worth 2,000 reales. 

He always chose the bigger, less valuable coin, which always made everyone laugh. 

One day, someone who was watching this little game and the fun that was being had at the expense of the man, called him over and asked him if he still did not realize that the bigger coin was worth less and the man responded: I know, I’m not that stupid. I know that it is worth five times less than the other, but the day I choose the other coin, the little game is over, and I won’t get any coin from them again.

The story could end here, as a simple joke. However, several conclusions can be drawn from it:

First: Someone who seems stupid is not always stupid.

Second: Who were the actual laughingstocks of the story?

Third: Excessive ambition can cut short your source of income.

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The opinions of others

We don’t need others to form an opinion about us for each step we make in life. We don’t need it, and we should not expect it. The important thing is that we agree with and like who we are.

We are wrong in searching for and putting labels on others and their behaviors. We are all much more than just a label, much more than what others think. Among other things, we should struggle with ourselves for a while until we reach the ability to feel comfortable in our own skin, and comfortable with not knowing what others think about us.

The most unhappy people in this world are those who worry too much about what others think. 

Self worth

People will think whatever they want to think. It doesn’t matter if you always search for the right words, or if you are careful about what gestures you use, down to the very last detail; there will always be someone who distorts it. In the end, when considering and reviewing your life, little or nothing will matter based on the opinion others have of you.  Do what you like, not what you think others will like. 

How you see yourself is what is truly important. Stay true to yourself; guide yourself by how you feel and not by what others want you to do or what others think of you. In the end, you are a unique and indispensable person and it is you and only you that you have to “put up with” minute after minute.

If you think like everyone else, then you are not thinking. And if you aren’t thinking, then you aren’t truly living.

“The advantage of being smart is that you can act the fool, while the other way around is impossible.”
-Woody Allen-

It is said that being intelligent  is not knowing where to go, but rather knowing where it is you don’t have to return to, and what it is you should not allow. An intelligent person knows that everyone has the right to think what they want, but also, very different but very important, they know when to take something personally and when not to. Moreover, being unique and valuing the attitudes and opinions of others is demonstrated in our actions and our words, and gives us the advantage of being able to create situations that are not hurtful, to ourselves or others.

Leave your insecurities aside. Speak and live your truth. Don’t let others interfere in your life in general, nor in your day to day routine. 

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