How to Keep a Work Team United

How to Keep a Work Team United

Last update: 10 September, 2020

Work teams usually pursue clear and defined goals to achieve what they want to achieve. Normally, the leader sets these goals and the team follows a structure. Achieving these goals will depend on the team’s established level of cooperation and collaboration. For this reason, keeping a team united is essential for any project.

There are many different motivation strategies that a leader can use to achieve this goal. The leader first must promote trust and cooperation amongst the workers. This will allow the workers to carry out their tasks more efficiently. They will also come to feel more comfortable, confident, and valued at work.

Here we’ll explain a series of fundamental keys for leaders that will keep the members of their team united. Let’s take a look!

1. Set a good example

This aspect is essential. The leader must continually influence the team’s climate and must be aware that being in a bad mood won’t motivate the team members.

In addition, the leader must exemplify responsibility, effort, and assertiveness. Only then can the leader require workers to behave in the same way.

A leader with his team.

2. Listen to your team members

It’s impossible to successfully develop a project or maintain loyal customers if employees aren’t happy with their job. To accomplish this, the leader must listen carefully to the team members. They must understand their problems and concerns while being empathetic.

3. Invest in yourself

Knowledge is always a beneficial investment. Therefore, the leader must take into account their training and worry about perfecting their skills. In this sense, you can use classes, workshops, seminars, etc. Leaders should show interest and worry about forming relationships with others as well as using different types of motivational techniques.

4. Offer feedback

Recognition and constructive criticism will always allow employees to learn and perform their tasks better in the future. This will be an important factor in keeping a work team united and allowing each member to be aware of their results.

5. Create a good work environment

Good working conditions directly influence people’s productivity and well-being. Therefore, it’s important to invest in a pleasant environment and good facilities such as good air conditioning. This way, employees will be happier and more motivated.

6. Set challenging but achievable goals

This will help keep the employees motivated and make them feel fully accomplished when they reach a goal. 

To achieve maximum performance, it’s essential to set the team’s goals. These goals should be achievable but also require effort. We must be aware of our team’s limits and know what each member is capable of. 

A team talking.

7. Invest in the team’s development

Things such as salary, schedule flexibility, or promotion potential will make employees feel valued. As a result, they’ll help keep teams united.

8. Set clear goals

Establishing goals is related to how tasks are performed. The goal is the main source of motivation. Thus, setting clear and specific goals leads to greater production and therefore to better team performance.

9. Train people within the team

Involving the different team members and favoring a correct exchange of knowledge and ideas and opinions are some of the most important aspects when it comes to keeping a team united. 

This will help each team member feel more valued and aware of their importance within the group. In addition, it’ll allow relationships between team members to become more solid. 

10. Give correct support

When the way we have to perform tasks changes, this generally implies that the team must learn new skills to be able to understand and interpret how to complete that task. 

The team leader must give employees the opportunity to develop. Thus, they’ll be able to experiment with new approaches to reach the new goals that have been presented.

11. Make the company’s vision clear

Developing, defining, articulating, and communicating the company’s vision is relatively simple. However, the great challenge is inspiring others to follow it. To encourage your team, a team leader must have a simple, clear, and relevant vision of the path forward. In addition, a team leader must also be reliable and credible.

team working

12. Show appreciation for all team members

Everyone needs to be appreciated, and team members are no exception. They need to know that the leader has a personal interest in each of them and that they assume responsibility and are committed to them. Recognizing each member’s positive traits shows them that they’re valued and also increases motivation.

In summary, these keys will be of great help to you if you have to keep a team united. Try them out to discover how much they’ll positively impact your team. Are you ready?

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.