Five Habits of Healthy Full-time Moms

Five Habits of Healthy Full-time Moms

Last update: 15 August, 2019

Full-time moms do marvelous work, but can sometimes forget to take care of themselves. Worries, exhaustion, and multitasking can negatively influence their emotional health. It’s a very common problem, so let’s take a look at 5 self-care habits of healthy full-time moms that can help solve these problems.

But before you get started,  keep in mind that these habits can be difficult to apply. Life often brings unforeseen events that disrupt even the best-laid plans, making it very important to be flexible. So don’t worry if you can’t put the following habits into practice or need to alter some of them. Just remember to take care of yourself, whenever you can.

1. Save time for yourself

Full-time moms still need alone time to care for their own needs. The problem is, if you’re a full-time mom, you’re definitely busy most of the day. One good option is to get up very early in the morning. While everyone else is asleep, you can enjoy a few quiet minutes to yourself.

Full time moms can benefit from getting up early in the morning.

Take advantage of this alone time to organize and plan your day. You can also exercise, read a book, take a relaxing bath, or just have a quiet breakfast. The point is simply to do something you enjoy that might be impossible at another time of the day.

Full-time moms are always there for everyone else, but they need to make sure to set aside time for themselves.

2. Spend quality time with your children

Full-time moms spend almost their entire day with their children. But being with them physically doesn’t necessarily mean you’re spending quality time with them. If you spend most of the time disciplining them or giving them instructions instead of playing with them, you’re not helping their development. But how can you make sure the time you’re spending with your children is really quality time?

Stop what you’re doing, sit down, and play with your kids. Listen to them, laugh, and just be silly. It’s not only essential, it’s just as beneficial for moms as it is for kids. It strengthens family bonds and helps you connect to the girl you once were. Youthful, innocent, and seeing everything with fresh eyes.

3. Enjoy kid-free time

If you’re a mother, your children are the most important people in your life. But as we mentioned before, it’s important to take time for yourself, and it’s also important to have time away from your children. For example, you could spend some time with friends or go out to dinner with your spouse.

Being a mother and having children doesn’t mean you have to do everything with them. Thinking that you must always have your kids with you could damage friendships or your relationship with your spouse. As adults, mothers need to make time not just for their families, but for all their other relationships. Ideally, you should balance family time with your other relationships, although making time for both does require some organization.

Couple looking out to the sea.

4. Don’t try to do everything

Full-time moms have many  responsibilities and might start to think they have to do everything themselves, and not accept help from others. This creates a deep sense of responsibility that can be difficult to escape from.

Sometimes full-time moms  try to do everything and don’t leave time for themselves because they feel guiltySociety seems to have strong ideas on how a mother should be and how she should act. This leads to a lot of pressure. However, no mother is perfect, and caring for yourself or spending time without your children is not selfish. Being aware of this helps all mothers feel less pressured and improve their emotional well-being.

5. Keep learning as a full-time mom

Some full-time mothers feel like they have no personal time at all. They are dedicated exclusively to their children, leaving their personal aspirations and goals behind. But even in this area, balance is key.

Thanks to the internet, it’s possible for anyone to keep learning and developing professionally. Through online courses, for example, or even by working from home.

Full-time mothers need to have goals beyond caring for their family. This will help them feel more motivated, happy, and accomplished. 

Full time mom with her child.

Being a dedicated mother is a very satisfying job. However, that doesn’t mean you should neglect other areas of your life. Remember that, before you know it, your children will grow up and leave the nest. What happens then? You might feel a bit empty. That’s why it’s important to take just a few minutes and call that friend, spend some alone time with your spouse, or learn more about your interests.

What about you, are you a full-time mother? Do you include some of these habits in your daily routine?

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.