Want Motivated Colleagues? Avoid These Phrases

Want Motivated Colleagues? Avoid These Phrases

Last update: 11 December, 2016

Paul G. Thomas said, “help others to become motivated people by guiding them to the source of their own power.” So how can we actually do this, and what steps should we avoid?

Specialists in motivation and corporate leadership have studied the effects of certain language, phrases and strategies on motivation. Certain phrases can either motivate or demotivate people.

Motivation is not only necessary on the work level; it is needed in any facet or project of life. It is important to think about the way that you speak to and advise people who are already motivated.

“Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.”

-Charles Swindoll-

Phrases you should never say to a motivated person

If you do not like to be treated in a certain way, remember not to treat others that way. So, if you were told you any of these phrases and know that  it would make you feel bad, you should ask yourself why you do it with others. Respect everyone, motivated or not.

  • You don’t do anything right. If you dream of causing a person or employee’s sense of self to sink, this is the phrase to do it. So, never use this sentence with anyone, especially children, as it attacks their security, autonomy and capacity for proper development directly.
  • You should be grateful that I let you work here. An employee’s salary is earned in an honest effort with courage and experience. It is a completely sensible bilateral relationship. Neither should this concept be used at the level of social groups, families or any environment where there is a person with more power than another.
  • That’s your problem. Another banned phrase for a good leader. On a team, whether it is for work, study, collaborative, etc., all the problems are solved in groups. One’s back should never be turned to the concerns of any of the members that make up the whole. Empathy and communication are vital.
  • That’s what I pay you for. A common phrase that should never be used. At a time in which collaboration is valued more and responsibilities are shared, saying such phrase is extremely counterproductive.
  • It should be done that way because that’s how it’s always been done. We live in a changing world that is constantly evolving. What was once dogma now is unproductive. So, encourage creativity in everyone.
  • I do not pay you to think. If an employee is not paid to think, then why do you want them there? Not valuing and enhancing the capabilities of a person is detrimental to the success of any project, both in work and life. We all have something interesting and valid to contribute.
  • Do not bring your problems to work. The human being is still unable to split into two. Thus, any worker or person who has trouble always carries them with him. If instead of rejecting , we empathize with the individual who feels bad and help him overcome his bad situation, it is more likely that it will weigh less on his work.
  • I am the boss here. Another phrase we’ve all heard at some point in the workplace, in a group project and even at home. In addition, a major mistake, as sharing of responsibilities is much more productive and valid for everyone to feel like part of the team and for each motivated person give their best.

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, can be achieved”

-Napoleon Hill-

These phrases will never have a motivating effect. Using empathy and treating others with justice is a much more productive and appropriate policy.

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