Ideal Women For Ordinary Men

Ideal Women For Ordinary Men

Last update: 16 June, 2016

In the world today there still exist many women who continue trying to become the prototype of the “ideal woman” from the clichés imposed by male-dominated cultures. There is a lie that circulates in which many believe that happiness lies in finding a partner. And she can find a partner if she is the ideal woman.

Although we are apparently in an era where such myths no longer have a place, the fact is that, more strongly than ever, there have been stringent obligations imposed on what a woman should be.

The ideal women

woman's face 2

Unfortunately, there are still many men who value women based on how useful they are to them. It has been this way since the beginning of human history, but has now become more subtle and hard to identify.

Until less than a century ago the woman was the mistress of the domestic world. Her role was to ensure that everything in the house went well and provide healthy, strong offspring for a man.

Now the world market and the world of men do not need a woman shut away in a house. They need her to produce by making money. They need her to be “educated” and “beautiful” because that is “useful” to any man in the social world.

The prototype

There has been a stereotype built of what the ideal woman is. These are her main features:

  • Beautiful. But not “strange beauty.” For ordinary men, she is a beautiful woman with big breasts, a well contoured rear, and the face of a bad girl. Otherwise, forget it. That’s what the operating rooms are for.
  • Understanding. This means having a problem with the fact that her man would rather watch a Real Madrid match, instead of listening to when she’s stressed. And she receives him with a big smile when he comes home drunk, after a day where she didn’t knew where he was or what he was doing.
  • Not being jealous. Even if he is unfaithful.
  • Intelligent and well-educated. She can’t do anything that would “look bad” in a conversation in front of his friends. Of course, she shouldn’t be an expert either. Ordinary men flee from bright women.
  • Daring and very sexually active. Prude women went out of style several decades ago. Today’s men dream of a quasi-nymphomaniac who is obsessed with them.

Real women

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Surely ideal women exist or appear to exist in the world of entertainment and advertising. In real life they are not so easy to find, although there are many who spend their lives trying to get closer to this warped stereotype.

Real women do not want to be loved because they’re “good merchandise.” They do not want to be forced to be what others want them to be. Real women protest against what seems unfair. They want to be well understood and for others to tolerate their shortcomings. They want to be loved just as they are able to love: with respect and tenderness.

Free women are able to give up a great love, if this price is their identity. They do not care if their man is bald, potbellied or forgetful. They know how to love, because love really is to be able to assess what each human being has that makes them unique. A woman who does not value herself based on what ordinary men think , but what she thinks about herself, because she keeps this in mind before anything.

man hugging woman

Sometimes she wants to make love, but other times she doesn’t. She can understand and listen. Sh e wants to feel valued, and not displayed or used.

Real women tend to not like ordinary men. Real women need real men to live this fascinating adventure of human love.


Images courtesy of Shilling Sanjuan Piquero, Patt Brennan and Christian Schloe

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