6 Myths That Are Keeping You from Success

6 Myths That Are Keeping You from Success

Last update: 28 July, 2022

It is very easy to stay in your comfort zone, taking pleasure in what you have achieved and making up excuses not to make any effort to fight for your dreams.

Your comfort zone gives you security and tranquility, and it allows you “to feel comfortably happy,” but it does not let you move forward. Sometimes what holds you back is inside of you. You need only identify your true enemy.

There are a few myths that we see as absolute truths, but they are just our imagination. If they have already made themselves at home in your life, they can cause you great harm. Find out about the myths that I am talking about, eliminate them in your life, and keep moving forward. It is time to get rid of false ideas and achieve everything that you set out to do.

Myth #1: I can’t now, I have time to do it later

You will never have enough time. The time to do it is now. You have to stop believing that the time will come, because opportunities are going to pass you by. This is your time, this is your moment: you must start what you are planning now. It is great to plan things in an orderly way, but you have to move on to action. By acting, you show yourself that you can do it now.

Myth #2: Others will do it for me

Quite simply: No they won’t. Your future is yours and you have to go for it. Leave comfort aside and take action. The people around you can help you, accompany you, but the action must be yours. It is your dream that you are pursuing and only you can achieve it.

Myth #3: That job is below me

Never think too much of yourself, nor that the opportunity that you are presented with is far below your ability. If it is a job that you have to do to achieve your goal, you have to do it. You must not feel like you aren’t here to do that job.

If you do believe this, you need to go outside on a starry night and see who you are in the universe. You will see that there is vast quantity of stars shining in the universe and that you can be one of them. You must know how to do every job and have done them so that you can later show how they are done.

Myth #4: First I must help

You must come first. I know that it sounds a bit selfish, but it is time that you thought about yourself a little bit. Helping others is really great and it is always comforting, but you have to worry about yourself as well.

If you are one of those people who push their goals or desires aside to encourage others, this is the time to worry about yourself. Follow your great dream, your true happiness. If you are not happy , it will be quite difficult for you to help those around you.

Myth #5: I have to avoid conflicts

Life is full of conflicts. If you really want to live and enjoy it, you have to come to terms with this reality. The world as we know it is the fruit of conflict resolution. If you do not face them, you cannot resolve them. Avoiding them is staying still, letting life pass you by, and allowing others to decide for you.

You have to take action, confront the internal or external conflicts that you are presented with. You will always come out winning, whether you were right or not. An agreement is always reached which appeases both parties. You have to put up a fight to conquer your dreams.

Myth #6: Those who triumph are lucky

Those who triumph went out to win. Those who triumphed started their action without letting any time pass by. Those who triumphed did things themselves and accepted all kinds of work and sacrifice to achieve their dreams. They were able to help others, but they did not stop working towards their own goal and they worried about their life destiny themselves. They have faced many conflicts, but they knew how to learn something at the end of each one and they always came out victorious.

They were not lucky, they worked to be in that place, and you are going to get there too if you do what is necessary.

Don’t let these or other myths paralyze you. Check your comfort zone; find the things that you are accepting to keep yourself “calm.” Get rid of all those veils and go destroy the myths surrounding these supposed truths.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.