Happiness Is Appreciating The Simple Things In Life

Happiness Is Appreciating The Simple Things In Life
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by the psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 15 November, 2021

The simple things in life are like those stars that shine on a clear night. They’re always there, surrounding us, offering their subtle magic; however, it’s not every day that we stop to look at them and remember that they exist.

Only when life gives us a small or big setback, do we suddenly appreciate what really builds our hearts, what constitutes each of these internal lines that create music and give meaning to our existence.

Simple, friendly and discreet everyday things form the shore of our life, where the stormy days lie and where all our joys acquire meaning.

Some people often say that the simpler our way of life the fewer worries we have and the fewer mistakes we make. However, everyone is free to complicate life as much as they want. We all have the right to take risks, project our dreams and to have as wide and varied social circle as we want.

The main thing is that the  key is not to lead a simple life, it is keeping simple thoughts and knowing what is important, what really makes our heart happy and identifies us. From there, all of us are free to build our own microuniverses. We invite you to reflect on it.

The simple things are the greatest things in life

couple hugging on a couch enjoying the simple things in life

Google published what the most common searches among users are. Among them, what always ends up trending is: “How to be happy?”

Being happy is closing your eyes and not desiring anything else, and for this, simply stop measuring happiness by the money we have or don’t have, but rather by those simple things that we would not change for all the money in the world.

All of us have more than one thing that we never would change even for the most incredible riches. The life of your children, your spouse, your siblings… and maybe even your pets. Because what they give us is priceless.

Now the problem of this is that life sometimes is not easy. You know, for example, that the most important thing to you are your children, but you have a long workday that prevents you from being with them all the time you wish.

boy with his dog

You, without a doubt, would like for things to be easier, and therefore we sometimes feel lost with so many pressures, so many day to day obligations that take us away from what is really essential. For that reason it would be interesting to think about these aspects for a few moments.


Lead a full and conscious life

Leading a full and conscious life means remaining aware of what point in your life you are at, and feeling your present, the here and now.

We have to be aware of what our heart tells us. For example, working longer hours may give you the opportunity to have more things, but you are aware that despite everything, you prefer to invest that time in your family.

Living a full life is understanding that every effort is worthwhile, because everything you do makes you happy and gives happiness to your loved ones.

If there is no reciprocity there is no fulfillment. Look at your life as if it were a circle: if you do not have a balance with yourself and what surrounds you, it will be difficult for you to enjoy that happiness.

Finding pleasure in simplicity is an attitude

Not all people know how to enjoy the simple things that life offers. Perhaps because some are unable to see them, and others because do not appreciate them and are more inclined toward material attachment, for instant gratification, which does not last…

Breathe, love, be happy, enjoy the simple things in life… This is the only urgent thing. Everything else, believe it or not, is secondary.

Enjoying the pleasure of simplicity is an attitude that many have harvested because they have developed an adequate internal peace without artifice. The enjoyment of simplicity comes to them after a long journey where they suddenly experience an act of conscience and discover pleasures they had not previously taken into account:

  • The pleasure of good friends.
  • Of a good morning and an unexpected touch.
  • From the contagious laughter of a child.
  • From the heady winds after a storm
  • From a sun sinking into the ocean in absolute silence
  • From waking up on a Sunday without any concern in their mind…

Do not hesitate to practice this simplicity of thought and emotions in your day to day lives, because when we finally find that internal happiness, it will last forever because it will be connected to our true self.

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Images courtesy of Zac Gertz and Pascal Campion

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