Stop Counting the Years and Start Fulfilling Dreams

Stop Counting the Years and Start Fulfilling Dreams
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by the psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 15 November, 2021

They say that the years fade away like smoke that escapes out an open window, drawing suggestive shapes in the air until, little by little, they disappear. However, people are not smoke, nor even wind; we are breath, we are sighs, we are life lived and dreams to reach every day.

What do you think is the best age for a human being? Actually, there is no exact year that symbolizes the perfect balance, because what youth does not know, maturity observes, and what maturity sometimes longs for, that immature youth has.

The best age is when you stop counting years and fulfill dreams, and for this, a bit of courage is required, a drop of daring, and at the same time, the willingness to let go of the many fears that have stood as obstacles in your path for a long time.

Sometimes, we flood ourselves with a million excuses, with those pebbles in our shoes that keep us from moving forward on the path towards our dreams: “Well, now is not the right time. Well, my partner does not like that idea. Well, they are most likely going to reject me. Well, something tells me that no matter how much I want it, it is not going to turn out right…”

Sometimes, we are highly skilled artisans when it comes time to clip our own wings. Limiting thoughts, prejudices, and insecurities are sometimes the real “free radicals” that are capable of making us old inside. Capable of making us older than we really are.

Being young at heart is an art that we should all start putting into practice, because authentic purpose in this life is knowing how to live it with the utmost intensity, hope, and passion, trying to touch each and every one of our dreams with our fingertips.

How old is your heart?

Woman, Hair is Sky

The best age is the one when you feel good with who you are, with what you have, and with everything that you have left to achieve, because anyone who does not have dreams is living dead, because he who does not dream does not offer magic to his heart or light to his thoughts.

The worst of all tragedies is not gaining years, nor seeing another wrinkle on our face or another pound on our hips. True sadness is a life that is not being lived, when those wrinkles do not tell stories, when those hips have not moved in a million years…

So tell us then… How old is your heart? If it is full of plans and it keeps pumping with happy force because you have already achieved a small part of your desires, then you can rest assured that you are in your best age, and don’t you dare let anyone tell you otherwise.

That being said, it is clear that it is not always easy to achieve those things that we call “personal dreams.” There are people who like to laugh at them and tell us that they are not dreams, but fantasies, and that those fantasies are children’s things. However, you should let those words fall on deaf ears.

Only children know the true value of life, because their eyes are full of curiosity, innocence, and a desire to experience things. The barriers show up as we grow older and include:

  • The influence of third parties. Sometimes this may be our family members or our partners. People who are close and meaningful who take it upon themselves to strip us of our hopes, to cut the threads of our desires… and we allow this to happen!
  • Limiting thoughts, the kind that we give ourselves with ideas like “I am not good enough,” “I am not worthy of that,” “It is going to turn out badly,” and especially that dangerous saying, “Now is not the right time. It is better if I have this, if I settle for this other thing…” And yet, this day never arrives.
  • Insecurity. What if I make a mistake? It is clear that sometimes reaching one of our dreams is going to imply having to leave our comfort zone. However, always remember that true dreams are written in more permanent ink on our hearts… It is worth leaving your comfort zone!

How to glow at any age

Do not be afraid of getting older. What should really cause us to worry is not having achieved some of our dreams, because in the end, we are made of that oh, so magical material, fragile and simultaneously motivating.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply while you convince yourself that life is daring and passion, that everything that what is left to be experienced is the best, and that this must start right here and right now.

Woman on Beach

So what are those instructions for arriving to our best age glowing?

  • Have fun: whatever it may be, always do what you are truly passionate about, what defines you and makes your heart laugh.
  • Do not hurt anybody: live each and every day of your life with the utmost intensity, but being careful not to hurt anyone else, while also protecting yourself from harm.
  • Do not accept defeat: never give up; never turn your back to a closed door. The trains will keep traveling for all those who give them way and are to try not one, but a dozen times.
  • Make an effort to be happy: we assure you that it will not cost you anything. Sometimes, it is just a matter of prioritizing a bit more…

Images courtesy of Mariana Calacheva, Isabelle Desrochers, Sylvie Daigneault

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