The Magic of Music

20 December, 2015

There are moments in life when music nurtures us even more than food does. The lyrics may hurt us, may hurt our soul, or fill us up. Listening to music can be like melting your body and your spirit into one, pampering your senses, exploring, touching and caressing yourself with the same urgency of two unbridled lovers.

Music is with us when our words fade away. When we can’t seem to explain joy or sadness, when our emotions block us off and when we have something to celebrate.  It doesn’t abandon us in the storm or the calm. It helps us heal our emotional wounds, grow and cleanse our interior. As Oscar Wilde said, it’s the art that’s closest to tears and memories.

Music tunes to our moods within seconds

Music helps us be alone with our thoughts. It transports us to a magic world, to a place where everything becomes more tolerable. A place where we can cry until we dry up or smile until we’re sore.

Music is to the soul what gym is to the body. It’s the fast lane towards tuning in with our interior. It seems to allow us to exist, to awaken our senses and to be infinite.

When we have a problem, when we’re blocked or when everything upsets us, the melody of a song arrives and becomes our favorite for a while. In some way, when it arrives it becomes a seal of identity, our warrior cry. It becomes our connect and disconnect button.

flowers coming out of tuba

If there’s music in your soul, it will be heard around the world 

It doesn’t matter how many years go by, when good music touches your heart, it never leaves. Music is our best time machine. A precious whim that sweetens and intoxicates our heart, making us hold our breath.

I believe in music as a place in which we can all find ourselves. It helps us all during our worse moments and has the ability to fill the best moments of our lives with colors. 

We can forget a word, a face or a date, but we can never forget a melody and its moment. Because it transported us to a world of sensations to explore, which managed to set free a part of us that we didn’t know before.
piano in the ocean

Who has never thought “this song was made for me”? 

We have all felt that music was ours, as if someone had come into our body and put our soul into notes.

There are melodies that cause our emotions to return to their purest state. And our feelings and realities become songs. In fact, if someone asked us what song we felt was about us, we would find it very difficult to pick just one.

Through music we can be transported back into our memories. Our senses can be blown. Someone once said that without music life would be a mistake and an eternal sorrow in a world full of misunderstood people.

They say that music is the most direct form of art, it enters through the ears and goes directly to our hearts. Because love and music can’t see each other, but the feel and enjoy each other like nothing else can.

Fill your life with music, pack the scenery with melodies and enjoy the pleasure of feeling the bumping rhythms invade you. Because what you feel thanks to music is not only the magic of being alive, but the freedom that surrounds you.