The Magic of Music

The Magic of Music

Last update: 28 July, 2022

There are moments in life when music nurtures us even more than food does. The lyrics may hurt us, may hurt our soul, or fill us up. Listening to music can be like melting your body and your spirit into one, pampering your senses, exploring, touching and caressing yourself with the same urgency of two unbridled lovers.

Music is with us when our words fade away. When we can’t seem to explain joy or sadness, when our emotions block us off and when we have something to celebrate.  It doesn’t abandon us in the storm or the calm. It helps us heal our emotional wounds, grow and cleanse our interior. As Oscar Wilde said, it’s the art that’s closest to tears and memories.

Music tunes to our moods within seconds

Music helps us be alone with our thoughts. It transports us to a magic world, to a place where everything becomes more tolerable. A place where we can cry until we dry up or smile until we’re sore.

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