I Like People Who Consider Their Pets Family

March 21, 2016

I like people who know the joy of having a dog or a cat. I enjoy when they surrender to their new companions, those pets that revolutionize almost all of your personal universe without even knowing how.

Loving animals is something that happens almost without us realizing it. And that change, the step that many people make as they join that world of emotions, games, laughter and spontaneous company, reformulates new values ​​and new internal discoveries.

Pets are more than just animals; they enter our hearts without notice, earning our smiles and our favorite spot on the couch until one day they cease to be pets and become family.

People who understand and appreciate what it is to love an animal have a special nobility. Their ability to provide affection, care, and to be more patient and responsible is something remarkable, because whether we want to or not, we all have much to learn from our pets.

The way dogs integrate us as members of their family, of their herd, or the ability of a cat to show us its respect and affection with its clean and heavy gaze…these are things that we should all learn to value…

Living with pets makes us better people

young man looking at his pet

We’re not saying that those who do not love animals, or just do not like to share time and space with them are bad people. Absolutely not. It is actually about understanding something much simpler: at any given moment an animal can offer us many things we need.

The world is inhabited by many people without feelings, but one thing we have clear is that all the “beasts” are able to offer a pure and selfless love.

Interestingly, if we go to the root meaning of the word “animal,” we see that it is actually derived from anima or animus, meaning, possessor of soul, or breath of life.

In the folklore of many countries there is no shortage of stories about dogs and cats as authentic spirit guides of humanity. Entities whose purpose is to take care of us and guide us.

Animals can change us, and loving them can help us enjoy a fuller life. Introducing a dog in the life of an elderly person, for example, gives them the need for new routines, guidelines and obligations. It will encourage them to open themselves up to the world, increase positive reinforcement through emotions, and provide a sincere companion that alleviates loneliness and combats sedentary lifestyles.

Few things can be as healthy as a child growing in the company of pets. It helps them to be patient, respect, take care of someone or something and to establish a union where the value of gestures and affections is higher than the words.

We, the adults, are given that love which seems so strange to us at times: affection that is offered without anything expected in return, that knows no hard feelings, that forces us to live in the “here and now” where it is not worth postponing a walk or a caress. Where shared naps are pleasant moments of complicity, where we forgive mischief and love having them around, like one more member of the family.

girl with cat enjoying her pet

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Pets show us that we are worthy of their love

Pets love you no matter whether you are high or low, if you are of those people who forget birthdays or people who prefer a rainy afternoon to a day at the beach. Pets do not judge us for our beliefs, physical aspects or political opinion. Your animals only understand emotions.

They say that pets understand the meaning of friendship, and above all, of family: of belonging to a group. For they love without distinction of race or species.

The person sharing life, space and time with their dogs or their cats knows that they are worthy of the affection of their animal. Love  is offered without compromises and with a pure soul; it is a love based on joy.

People who are loved by their pets are loved simply because they offer them what they need: belonging to a home, attention, care, love… If we think about it, we realize that deep down, their needs are very similar to ours.

They also need roots, to belong to a home and have a few members who defend and love them. We are their herd, their family, their little microcosm. Understanding all this is something that enriches us and helps us to be better, simply because to them we are worthy of being in their hearts.

family with pets


Images courtesy Sharon Carlz, ErickB, Carl Brown