How Much You Lose Due to Fear

How Much You Lose Due to Fear

Last update: 09 December, 2015

Sometimes, fear invades us and plunges us into the atmosphere. And so, trapped by it, everything around us seems different, cloudy. As if we were wearing foggy glasses and our vision was blurred.

These are the stains of fear, of assumptionsof our “what ifs” and “maybes,” what we should have done, putting obstacles in our path.

How many times has it kept us from moving forward? How much have we lost due to the fear of loss?

And sometimes, the rag that we use to wipe these stains actually makes them dirtier rather than cleaning them. The solution, strategy, or alternative that we’ve chosen actually appeases the fear, feeding it and making it stronger.

It’s like when you tell someone who’s angry to calm down and they actually get angrier, or when we tell ourselves to not think about something that we’re preoccupied with and it starts to preoccupy  us more.

The spots that blur our vision blind us to the things that happen to us, and we walk through the fog, stumbling in between confusion and uncertainty.

woman in the fog

Other times, we take a strike against fear…we keep fighting against it in thousands of different ways, but they all lead us to defeat and weariness, because more than fighting against fear, we must understand and accept it so we can figure out what’s going on.

Fear needs to be felt so that we can know what it’s telling us, just without the extremes.

And sometimes, it’s the fear of fear itself that traps us, and we’re left with the stains of expectations and assumptions; we imagine an uncertain future that is scary and real for us in those moments. This is when we start to lose things, people, or experiences because we’re afraid of losing them.

Because of the fear of loss, you’ve changed your decisions. Because of the fear of loss, you’ve stayed comfortable where you are. Because of the fear of loss, instead of taking risks, you’ve stayed in the security of what’s familiar. Because of the fear of loss, you’ve chosen silence instead of speaking up. Because of the fear of loss, you’ve done so much to prevent losing someone or something, that sometimes, you’ve created the conditions that have caused you to lose them.

Never stop doing anything for fear of loss. Not for anything, not for anyone…not even for yourself.

The greatest danger is found when you stop trying for fear of losing.

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Keep in mind that fear arises in the unknown, in the belief that we can’t control something, someone else, or ourselves.

Fear makes us lose, and loss makes us fear. Fear is a sign that something is happening within us, but it should not break us.

Fear is a projection of the future, the power of our imagination in motion, anticipating situations and experiences, probably because something didn’t happen the way we expected it to. The fear of loss is located in a future that doesn’t exist, and it takes strength away from our minds, making achieving our dreams impossible, and causing us to lose infinite possibilities.

The fear of loss brings a life full of loss. We lose ourselves, for this only occurs in the present, and the future remains a mystery. Living in fear is not letting yourself live, disconnecting yourself from the here and now.

So, go on and live!

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I won’t promise that you won’t have loss in your life, that’s impossible, but you’ll learn to live in spite of loss, to fight for what you want, and most importantly, to not betray yourself.

Otherwise, how much are you prepared to keep losing?

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.