Give Me A Smile For Everything

Give Me A Smile For Everything

Last update: 11 June, 2016

There’s a popular saying that no one is too poor to not to give a smile or too rich not to need one and I have yet to meet anyone who does not agree with this statement. Smiles are almost always pleasant; they come with an aura of positive energy that causes us to instantly feel better.

The effect a smile has on you depends on two factors: first, what the other person means to you, and secondly, how you are feeling at the moment. In either case, smiles can soothe, heal, encourage, cheer, embrace and even in a few cases, hurt.

Your smile is all I need to feel alive

There are people who are in our lives because, more than anything, they know how to make us laugh. They have the knack of knowing when and how to do it and come in smiling just when you need those smiles. This, to me, is a great gift because of the well-known effects that laughing has on our well-being.

“Laugh at the night, the day, the moon, laugh at the twisted streets of the island, laugh at this clumsy boy who loves you, but when I open my eyes and close them, when my steps go forward, when my steps return, deny me bread, air, light, spring, but never your laughter. I would die. “

-Pablo Neruda-

woman with both eyes closed and her hair in the breeze

Someone who gets you to smile when you want to least, deserves everything. And deserves everything because they are transmitting their strength to you, their will to live and for you to live: never forget those smiles that made us or make us feel alive.

Nor can we ever say goodbye to the smiles turn your bad days upside down. There will always be those who stay for just that smile.

A smile is enough for me to hold on to a memory

Memory is one of those things that can bring happy feelings or sad ones. Well, when a smile and a person come to us and make us happy, it stays forever in our small bag of memories.

“To me the smile that won me over was not one that I saw, it was one that excited me.”


And here comes the time to discern, to eliminate the sad faces that blur the smiles of the same faces that made us laugh. It’s time to hold on to a memory from a smile and not a tear and not cloud it with pain as hard as it may be; keep moving forward.


A clean slate

Give me a smile for everything. Yes, put one on your face, put it on your forehead. Smile at the day you need to be erased most but the one you’d least want to forget. Life is not going to wait for you to lament more than necessary, even though it makes you tighten up on the inside.

They say that in life everything gets better or worse and that the key is your attitude. There will be situations that require us to be very strong and others will make us feel like we’re flying; but how you face both situations will determine your result.

“That’s why this notice is to invite her to continue doing what she likes, because it’s her smile that makes the rest of us continue to feel extremely happy. Her smile has tremendous power, so I ask you to never let anyone cover her smile. Nothing.”



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