How to Let Go of Negative Memories

How to Let Go of Negative Memories

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Throughout our existence we experience painful situations or circumstances that remain in our memories. We can’t seem to forget them, and they determine our behavior and our way of life. These painful situations can be anything from the loss of a loved one to a broken heart or a job failure.

But, if you stop to think for a second, you’ll realize that on a daily basis you experience many beautiful and pleasant situations. A kiss from a child, a call from someone you hadn’t spoken to in a while, eating your favorite sweet, reading a few pages from your favorite book.

Life goes by at an astonishing speed, and that speed makes us forget some precious daily moments. It’s good to treasure these moments and try to remember the sensations they produce, to feel them again when negative memories take us by surprise. 

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Various scientists from the universities of Birmingham and Cambridge published a study in March of this year in Nature Neuroscience magazine. In said study, they explained how they managed to isolate the brain mechanisms through which we remember and forget things.

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