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Hegel’s Master-Slave Dialectic

The master-slave dialectic is Georg Hegel‘s theoretical construction. It’s considered one of the key elements of his philosophy that also influenced other philosophers in later years. Not only did it become the foundation for Karl Marx‘s materialistic dialectic, but it also had…

The Matrix: Questioning Reality

“What is the Matrix?” is the question that Neo, the main character of this film, often asks himself. In all honesty, when people watch The Matrix for the first time, they also ask themselves this. This movie trilogy is well-known…

Tumushido, A Beautiful Oriental Folktale

This beautiful oriental folktale is divided into two parts. Each one of them has its own lesson. The main character of the story is Tumushido, a very wise old man who lived thousands of years ago. This master is still remembered today…

Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol is a psychoactive substance that causes dependency and that many cultures have used for centuries. However, the harmful consumption of this substance carries a social and economic burden for societies. Several mental pathologies associate with its consumption. One of them…

The Little Albert Experiment

John B. Watson is known as one of the fathers of behaviorism. His main intellectual reference was Pavlov, the Russian physiologist who made the first discoveries about conditioning. Consequently, Watson carried out a famous study called the Little Albert experiment.

The Triune Brain: Three Brains, One Person

The triune brain is a concept that neuroscientist Paul MacLean developed to refer to the three parts of the brain in human beings. These parts develop in different stages of the evolutionary cycle, which is why people say they’re created…

The Self-Medication Theory of Drug Addiction

Since the beginning of time, human beings have been looking for medicinal plants or wanting to consume substances with curative or recreative purposes. This might be the reason why so many people consume psychoactive substances nowadays.

3 Beautiful Chinese Fables

Almost all Chinese fables, especially the oldest ones, are short stories with great lessons. People have passed them on from generation to generation and many of them are still talked about nowadays. In this article, we share three beautiful Chinese fables.

Alexander Luria’s 6 Best Quotes

Alexander Luria was born in Kazan, Russia in 1902. He’s considered the father of modern neuropsychology. This branch of psychology found its foundation thanks to his research, leading to the conclusion that the brain is the source of behavior. We’ll…

The Value of Your Personal Information Nowadays

Almost without realizing it, we’ve ended up living in a society where the famous Big Brother metaphor prevails. We’re always being watched pretty much everywhere we go. But not only that, our personal information has also become something countless businesses,…

Why Spend More Money Than You Have?

We use money to acquire goods. However, many emotions also arise thanks to it. In fact, a lot of people’s main goal in life is having tons of money and being able to spend it however they want.

Agamy: A New Way of Living Relationships

New types of relationships are currently flooding the social sphere. Polyamory, open relationships, and relationship anarchy are only some of the most innovative concepts. In this regard, a new term that gives us a lot to think about and that…

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