True Friendships Don't See Time or Distance

True Friendships Don't See Time or Distance
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by the psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Real friendship doesn’t need a daily confirmation of the sincerity of the relationship. There is no pressure or obligation to reveal every single thought, every experience at the very moment it happens.

Real friendships allow for personal space and offer liberties because the bond feeds on trust and sincere feelings. The feelings that let us know “I owe you nothing and yet everything,” “I’m here for you whenever you need me.”

Real friendships don’t care about space or time. Life can separate your friend from your side for whatever reason, but after months or years, you share the same bond. As if only an hour had gone by.

Despite time and distance, you can always count on me

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Life has many twists and turns. We never know what path it’s going to take. Whether due to work or personal motives, we’re sometimes forced to put kilometers between ourselves and our friends.

Life is movement, and only those that move with it can achieve their dreams. Now, sometimes, that implies having to renounce to certain things: we leave our home, our roots and also our oldest friendships.

This has surely also happened to you. And then, in those instances of change and personal growth, we discover who the most significant people in our lives are.

Some people need daily contact. They need an interaction that satisfies their needs. They value that almost dependent proximity and continuous interaction.

This “flow” of interaction and contact can’t always take place, especially when we’re forced to distance ourselves due to professional or personal reasons.

That’s when there’s the biggest risk of losing all of those friends that we leave behind. Reproaches appear, “you don’t have time for me anymore,” “you barely ever log on,” “you don’t tell me everything anymore.” There are friendships that turn into oppressive and toxic relationships. They produce pressure and suffering.

On the other hand, there are people that understand and know how to respect our needs. Their caring is still present, their affection is sincere. We know they are with us, but there’s no need to “be monitored.” There’s no need for words in order to understand that despite the distance, they’re still a part of us.

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Ephemeral friendships, friendships with diamond hearts

You shouldn’t worry about leaving people behind. It’s part of our personal process of growth, because growing means carrying the least possible weight within your mind and the most possible amount within your heart.

True friendships are very few in number, but they shine like diamonds. They are indestructible and will live with you everyday of your life to bring light to your darkest days and harmony during your moments of happiness.

There are friendships that come and go, like the warm breeze of summer. They bring us their experiences, they cheer us up and fade away with the delicacy of a soft perfume. Leaving only memories behind.

Some friendships turn into bad experiences. The world also splashes us with egotism, personal interests and some betrayal. Now, the bad experiences with friendships that truly weren’t real friends, they shouldn’t diminish our hope. Good people exist, and real friendships do to.

Authentic friendship is offered with liberty and with no strings attached. It should be cared for like a valuable good, like another inhabitant of your soul that needs reciprocity, trust and gratitude.

If today you still remember that friendship you left behind due to reasons life brought your way, don’t hesitate to contact that person again. If the affection was always sincere, if that intimacy was truly magical, gratifying and fun like you still remember it, don’t hesitate on getting it back. Because time and distance don’t exist for true friendships.

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