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Patricia Grande Yeves


A degree in Law and Business Administration and Management. She has specialized in life science, specifically in market access. She currently works in the area of health economics and market access at Boston Scientific, as well as being a digital media consultant and collaborator in relation to digital marketing and content creation.

About the author

Graduated in Law and Business Administration and Management from the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid (2019). In addition, she has an MBA in Pharma-Medical Devices from the Pharmaceutical Industry Business School (2021).

She was the winner of the National Writing Award granted by the Victims of Terrorism Foundation in 2014. She has participated in several national and international volunteer programs and university courses. She has also worked as an SEO editor and copywriter for various digital media.

She currently works for Boston Scientific and collaborates with online consultancies for TeGestionamos. She is the president at the Madrid headquarters of the AEGEE, of which she has been a member since 2016. She also contributes on various digital platforms with articles related to law, economics, and social sciences.

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