Are You Tired of Everything?

Feeling tired of everything isn't good for your health. In fact, it reminds you of your own fragility. What can you do?
Are You Tired of Everything?
Juan Pablo Quintero Macias

Written and verified by the psychologist Juan Pablo Quintero Macias.

Last update: 22 December, 2022

The alarm sounds and you ask yourself: Another day? Yes, it is. A new day. Yet you feel so tired. In fact, tired of everything.

Life isn’t easy. It can be an uphill struggle. However, there’s always room for joy and good fortune.

In fact, even if you fall and hurt yourself, it’s almost always possible to get back on your feet. You do need to know your limits though, as you can’t handle everything. Indeed, sometimes you need a break, and just stopping to take a breath can help.

Tired of everything

If you’re feeling tired of your daily routine and even your relationships, you may end up permanently stuck in this state of mind. Sooner rather than later, this will end up affecting your health.

Many factors come into play in this kind of exhaustion. Most likely, there’s no single trigger, but rather a set of them. For example, your partner, work, tiredness, or not enough leisure time. It seems that nothing works the way you want. For this reason, you’ve gradually been distancing yourself from everything. Even from your most intimate desires, the things you wanted most.

Being tired of everything will end up being a heavy burden that affects all areas of your life. If you’ve reached this stage, you should go to a health professional and start your own therapeutic process. However, if you’ve just started to feel this way, we’ll give you some key points to start mobilizing your disabling feelings of being tired of everything.

“Tiredness brings me hopeless thoughts.”

-Juan Carlos Onetti-

tired man
Continual exhaustion leads to demotivation, disillusionment, and isolation.

Awareness of change

Being tired usually means feeling heavy or drowsy, the kind of drowsiness that’s usually just a product of physical exhaustion. On the other hand, when you’re tired of everything, it’s more fitting to use the term fatigue.

Drowsiness translates into an organic need to sleep. On the contrary, fatigue (being tired of everything) involves a recurrent lack of energy and motivation. It can also be an indicator of a more serious physical or mental disorder.

To be tired of everything is to burn out emotionally. If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re wanting to change things. That’s the first step, wanting to overcome your feelings of fatigue. It involves being aware of the need for change and acting accordingly.

Empowerment and agency

For a change to happen, you have to start by knowing that you must carry out much of the work yourself. That said, when you feel tired of everything you tend to look for faults outside, in life, other people, and other external factors.

However, the important thing is to focus on the things you’re responsible for. Are you responsible for the thoughts and actions of others? Are you responsible for organizing your daily routine?

Start by identifying the places and moments when something or someone depends on you and your actions. Empower yourself and recognize that you have agency and will in the world you’re in. It’s time to be the protagonist of your own life.

Step by step

Once you’ve found the places from where you can begin to transform your reality, you must set yourself small goals. What are you facing? Where do you want to get to and how?

Don’t forget that, even if you set a goal with the aim of achieving it, the most important thing is to enjoy the path toward that goal, at the same time, always staying connected to the present.

Person walking barefoot on grass
Setting small goals can be of great help to regain hope.


Motivation is your fuel. Without it, you’ll do nothing because there’ll be no place to go. That said, when you’re tired of everything, it’s hard to find motivation. It happens due to the very fact of feeling fed up.

Your past can be a good ally. Try to remember what motivated you when you were a child and where you liked to go etc. Motivation doesn’t appear overnight. You’ll have to explore activities and places that recharge you with energy. If you suddenly find something you like, delve deeper, explore it, and make it your own.

Practical tricks

Changing the way you are will depend on the changes you make. All of the above guidelines will point you in the direction of wellness. However, there’s often a long way between what you should do and what you actually do. Try the following:

  • Define your routines.
  • Make some time for yourself.
  • Mix with understanding friends.
  • Make sure you have a balanced diet.
  • Exercise.
  • Uncover your intellectual restlessness and curiosity.
  • Forgive yourself for not always being the best.
  • Try again.

Making a sustained effort over time will stop you from feeling fatigued and tired of everything. In fact, you’ll be able to wave goodbye to boredom for good.


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