If You Want to Live a Thousand Lives, Read

03 March, 2017

I can be an explorer, a vampire, an elephant, a gazelle, a doll, a mountain or a star. As I read a book, I can travel and transform. Books allow me to live a thousand lives and learn something new from each one of them.

In the 1930s, two Asturians settled in Cuba created a cigar company. In the factory, the cigar makers had very long work days. To pass the time, one of the workers would always read a novel to the rest.

“Let other boast of the pages they have written, I am proud of the ones I have read.”
-Jorge Luis Borges-

The one that they liked the most was The Count of Monte Cristo”by Alexander Dumas. This story made the workers increase their productivity and made the cigars be of even higher quality. That’s why these cigars where thereafter called “Monte Cristo”.

This simple anecdote teaches us that reading gives us wings. Books stimulate our imagination and allow us to live other lives. We can dream of places we don’t know, feel emotions intensely, love people we haven’t met, or even fly.

The benefits of reading

When we read, we don’t only feel identified with the different characters in the books. We can also get to know places we have never been to, experience customs we have never seen. This allows us to have a great sensitivity towards our surroundings and the people around us.

Up next, we’re going to analyze some of the benefits of reading. These include promoting empathy, creativity, and memory. It can even help prevent fight against Alzheimer or stress, or help develop intelligence or the ability to converse and listen.

Reading makes you a more empathetic person

In 2013, various scientists at Emory University compared the brains of readers and non-readers. They found that in the former, by using their imagination to understand the emotions of the characters in the books they read, readers were in a general sense more empathetic people.

Reading increases your ability to understand how other people feel, which is a fundamental skill for your development. This influences you in different areas, such as friendships, family, romantic relationships and at work.


The habit of reading helps improve your memory

Different studies have shown that the lack of memory use makes you start losing your memory skills. Thus, it is advisable to do crossword puzzles, sudokus and to read, among other activities. These are ways to keep your mental circuits greased, the ones which are responsible for memory.