Today I Choose The Rest Of My Life To Be The Best

Today I Choose The Rest Of My Life To Be The Best
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by the psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 15 November, 2021

Today I choose to be happy, I choose to make myself a priority, to take care of myself and to love myself a little more. The stars give light to the path of my life left for me to move, so that everything that comes my way is good. I choose to be brave and know how to give happiness to my loved ones.

It’s never too late for good objectives, it is never too late to realize that perhaps we deserve more and that we ourselves are the first ones to be persuaded to take life by the helm, and why not give a little more air to our sails to achieve happiness.

The best part of your life is always now. It is that starting line in which the engine of your dreams starts and encourages your ashes to light up the best star of them all: the one that will light your way.

Sometimes, and almost without realizing it, we, as people, procrastinate. We limit ourselves to “existing,” rather than living. And we’re not talking about not being able to do so because of economic problems because there are people who live a real, full and happy life with just the bare minimum.

We’re talking about that life in which a person is in balance with oneself and lives from the heart, really doing what he or she loves and surrounding him/herself with people who show true reciprocity.

There are times that we are stuck in eternal waiting rooms, waiting to punch our ticket for that real and authentic life because we are attached to things, situations or even people which completely prohibit our personal growth.

When life is not life and it’s only existence

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Throughout our life cycle we go through different stages where happiness is not always guaranteed. They are moments in which life is not life, it’s just a passing of the days where we feel diluted, where there is no intensity, and no excitement.

All hope is lost is a truth that we face, so today I choose to take on my past and my truths, to allow my present to be awakened with renewed energy, without grief, without being censored…

Whoever is simply carried away by the routine and the choices that others make for them, loses their way more and more each day. There will surely come a time when he will no longer know himself because his identity will be like a fraying blanket where his self-esteem will no longer be sheltered. Where there will be nothing.

Sometimes there are certain situations that end up conditioning us to no longer question things. “I know that my job does not make me happy, it violates my rights, but at least I have financial support. Leaving it poses a risk, and even though I’m risking my health, I cannot do anything about it...”

Another reason why we’re stuck and limited in our personal growth, is due to those romantic partners that limit our aspirations. Those who prohibit our spaces, our goals, so much so that sometimes we choose to get carried away…

Actually, there are many reasons why our life, that real life that we dream for ourselves, is postponed. It may even be us who close the doors on ourselves for indecision, for fear of leaving a certain comfort zone.

The enemies of our vital growth and our happiness are not always on the outside. Sometimes, our own thoughts and powers can be the most dangerous.


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Today I choose to begin the best part of my life

This simple decision is already a big step. Deciding that we want to and will be happy involves an act of courage and surrounding ourselves with something very strong, something called illusion and, in turn, a life project.

There is something we should never forget: happiness is not a feeling, most often happiness is a decision.

From today on, you’ll stop seeing life as “the person who flips through pages of a book.” Now, you’ll write the book of your life and you will be the true protagonist, and to do so it is necessary to take the following steps:

  • Today begins the rest of your life, and it will be the best part of your existence. So, you must understand that your happiness actually depends on one thing: yourself and your attitude.
  • Any act of determination in turn requires acts of courage. And so, since you now rise as the architect of your destiny, it’s time to assess what prevents you from being yourself in your life. Determine what causes you unhappiness, sadness and what undermines your self-esteem.
  • Note that to be happy, you may have to do some things that others reject.
  • You are already aware of what hurts you. Now set your eyes on what is important to you and what you are never going to give up: your family, your friends, your hobbies, your dreams…

Give strength to what you love and offer encouragement to your dreams: the best time of your life is now, because you are in balance with yourself, because you can and you deserve it.

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