True Failure Is When You Stop Trying

March 2, 2016

Fear of failure is quite common. It’s a pattern of thought that limits our abilities, paralyzing us and preventing us from starting interesting projects that we think are beyond our reach.

However, true failure is when you stop trying to do something because of fear of failure. Letting ourselves make mistakes is the essence of learning, in any aspect of life.

“Every failure teaches a man something, if he will learn; and you are too sensible a man not to learn from this failure.”

-Charles Dickens-

In the first few months of our lives, we do nothing but try to tackle every step we take, falling and getting up over and over again, trying, investigating, and exploring everything around us.

We wouldn’t have learned to walk if we didn’t have the courage to fall. The same thing happens to us every time we learn something significant. We have to put forth effort and make many failed attempts in order to incorporate it into our repertoire of learning.

Facing the bumps in the road

The bumps in the road that we all face have a huge value, both for our personal development and for understanding and summoning the courage to put forth effort.

Thanks to the difficulties that present themselves to us, we acquire new abilities that help us to face any challenge that we encounter.

push the boulder

These obstacles can be thoughtsfears, circumstances, etc. What’s important is addressing these difficulties, to acknowledge why they’re there, what role they play for us, and what lessons we can take away from them.

Sometimes, to achieve balance, we must learn to stop on the rocks in our path. We can learn something valuable if we become aware of the things we avoid, the things we refuse to face, that we discard automatically because we don’t think we can achieve them.

If we find ourselves handling a situation awkwardly, we will unconsciously do whatever it takes to avoid the situation, even though it would be beneficial to face it, even though it would be the first step towards achieving our dreams.

Triumph is for those who have the courage to try

It’s easy and comfortable to keep thinking that we can’t have something we want, to think that it’s out of our reach, or that it takes too much effort. But not trying is true failure.

“The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”

-Thomas Paine-

Truly triumphant people are those who do not stop, who do not become paralyzed, who don’t complain about the effort that it takes, who keep pursuing their goals step by step until they achieve what they wanted.

They’re the people who see failure as something necessary, as an opportunity to learn and improve. They’re the people who ask every day if they’re where they want to be, if they’re doing what they really love and what they’re really passionate about.

True triumph is having the courage to try; those who have this attitude keep moving forward, taking various paths until they achieve personal success.

walking on water

Success is for those who understand failure

It takes great personal maturity to understand that frustration is part of the journey, since many times, not achieving what you tried to achieve is an opportunity to change your perspective.

Failure isn’t so frustrating when you have a clear conscience, when you know that you tried the best you could. There is nothing to feel guilty about and nothing to be afraid of when you fail to achieve something if you put forth a great effort to achieve it.

When we’re able to understand failure, we’ll get closer to our true nature. What’s really important and worthwhile is not related to success, nor to recognition from others. It resides more in what we learn about ourselves in the process.

Dare to try to achieve what you want, and maybe you won’t achieve it, but you will not be sorry that you tried. And on the way you’ll find an enriched world of possibilities.