Thank You For Being There, You Have Never Failed Me

Thank You For Being There, You Have Never Failed Me

Last update: 22 June, 2016

To that friend that I have, and luckily I have a few, that I know I can blindly trust, I just want to tell you one thing: thank you for being here, because you have never failed me. 

Thank you for being there because I know that it hasn’t always been easy. We have gone through our own differences and discrepancies, but you have always been there, ready to lend me a hand. 

Thank you for being there 

If you have a good friend, at least once during your lifetime, thank them for being there. Be grateful to that person who has offered you a helping hand with no questions asked. They have done this for the simple fact that they love you, they support you, and they appreciate you.

“Friendship is a soul that inhabits two bodies; one heart that inhabits two souls.”


Being appreciative of that friend, or of any person who treats you pleasantly and fairly is always important to do, and we should always be practicing it.

The friend that supports you

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Have you ever felt like your life was going down the drain? Have you ever seen yourself, as if you were outside of your own body, falling into a bottomless pit without knowing if you will hit the bottom, or if you will just be falling forever? Have you ever felt like you were stuck in a long, dark tunnel with no sign of light anywhere? Have you ever felt lost in life?

In dark moments, when everything seems lost, that is when a friend shows they are there for you.

Thank you for being there, because a simple smile from a friend, even though they don’t know what’s wrong, can be enormously healing to anyone’s pain. It can be the best medicine, the only way for a light to begin to shine in that dark tunnel that is your life.

It is not even necessary for your friend to understand what is going on, and if they do, that’s even better. However, having that friend support you even if they never are able to understand the difficult situation you are in, that is unconditional love.

A good friend will always reach out a hand to help you out of that dark tunnel. Each time they see you sunken, sad, and desolate, you will have their smile to shed some light on your darkening world.

Always tell your friend thank you. Thank you for being there, my friend, because without you, life would be much sadder, much harder, much lonelier, and much more boring.

Thank you, my friend, for never failing me 

If you have good friends, you know that they will never reject you. They will always support you, even when they don’t know why you need that support. You never have to worry. Through this relationship you have achieved a great success in life.

With good friends, disappointments are less bitter, happiness is much happier, and the world is not as dark as it may seem to a person who is alone in it.

“True friendship is like  phosphorescence, it shines most brightly in the darkness.” 

-Rabindranath Tagore- 

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Therefore, if you ever feel like you are going to collapse, to give up, and you notice that you don’t dare to take an important step because you might fall into the emptiness, never let yourself be defeated. Dare to keep moving forward, because you know for certain that they will be there to pick you up, to soften the blow, or to make sure that you are safe. 

Thank you for being there, dear friend, because in my worst moments, you were always the faithful and caring support that helped me carry on.

Thank you for being there, my friend, because in my successes, you were always the person who was truly happy for me, and I will always appreciate it, no matter what.

Thank you for being there, because your face, and your personality, are intrinsically connected to  my most fun and happy daysThe best days of my life are the days that we shared.

Thank you for being there, my friend. Each time I have felt sad, I have noticed your hand and the encouragement you have offered with sincerity. You helped me to leave behind the bad, and to embrace all that is good and beautiful. My dear friend, from the bottom of my heart, I can only say one thing: thank you for being there, and for never letting me down. 

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