I Like the People Who Brighten My Cloudy Days

I Like the People Who Brighten My Cloudy Days
Valeria Sabater

Written and verified by the psychologist Valeria Sabater.

Last update: 15 November, 2021

It was Albert Einstein who said that darkness doesn’t actually exist. He stated that darkness is nothing more than the absence of light. This can be true for the people around us, too. Some bring light, and brighten our days, and others only cast shadows.

We can’t really explain it, but we all have friends or family members who, when faced with any kind of complicated situation, only bring further negativity. They are incapable of contributing ideas, possible solutions, or support.

On the other hand, there are personalities out there that are so honest and trustworthy that they themselves are not even aware of their own authenticity. They are the calm in the storm, the company in solitude, and the strength where there is sadness.

We all know that we don’t come across these special people every day. We only need one hand to count them among friends and family. Because these people are the exception rather than the rule, we must protect ourselves from the others who only make our days gray and our hopes uncertain.

We invite you to reflect on this idea with us, and the suggestion that you, too, one of those people who brighten the lives of others with your own lightNever stop shining. 

People with their own light brighten our paths and guide us through life 

What do we actually know about how some people who have their own light and shine from within? Are we entering an area that is more spiritual than psychological? In reality, it is not so difficult to define these people, and even easier to recognize them.

Those people with their own light emit ease and serenity. They aren’t the light at the end of the tunnel because with them, tunnels don’t exist. Only paths of tranquility on which life seems easier, where everything lies in a subtle balance.

Now, we are not talking about magic here. There are many psychological characteristics that can be used to easily identify people like this. They are everyday people who always wear a smile, who say the right words in the moment in which they are needed.

man and woman under umbrella brighten

They aren’t people who practice random positivism, who go around handing out empty phrases like “don’t worry, it will all be okay”.

They know how to establish close relationships because they are highly empathetic and have internal balance. They are positive, but it is a practical positivism based on strategy and balance.

They know when they are needed and they know how to give space. They do not demand anything, and they ask nothing in return. When we are with them, we can be ourselvesNo pressure, no acting, no needing to justify ourselves.

They are full of light and brighten our lives because they comfort us and cheer us up. They don’t solve our problems, nor do we ask them to. All we need to know is that they are there for us, free of judgement, without criticism, and never underestimating nor looking down on us.

You, too, brighten the lives of others; never stop shining 

It is very possible that you yourself are a being of light. You brighten the lives of others each and every day by wanting the best for selfless reasons, because that is what makes you feel good. That is how you understand life, and you wouldn’t know how to live any other way.

If it is you who offers support and hope to others, you should always do so carefully. There are people who will get close to you in order to surround themselves with your warmth and integrity, but for selfish reasons. There are those who are true specialists in putting out the light of others with their shadows…

If your way of life and being is to offer support to those around you, and living a simple and humble life, remember you will always shine from within and brighten the world with your own light.

Nevertheless, you may sometimes feel exhausted. 

girl with flowers and butterflies brighten

Maybe it’s easy for you to see the light in a storm, but sometimes those by your side may laugh at you for it. They may call you naïve; they may ridicule you sarcastically and label you as soft or weak. They may warn you that others will take advantage of you.

Remember what Einstein said. Darkness doesn’t exist, it is really just the absence of light. In other words, we could say that there is no true meanness within these people who make the mistake of attacking who you are.

Instead of cruel intentions, or darkness, it’s simply a lack of emotional intelligence, of understanding, of empathy that’s causing them to criticize you.

If you shine with your own light, don’t let others put it out. Never waste your energy on someone who doesn’t deserve it. Save your light and brighten the lives of those who will appreciate it.

There are barren and frigid planets that orbit the stars, waiting for warmth. Give them light if you feel it is right; distance yourself from those you believe will only diminish your own warmth. Because beings of light, despite their greatness, can also be very fragile… 

Images courtesy of Sonia Koch and Pascal Campion 

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