Dependable People: A Home We Can Always Return To

Dependable People: A Home We Can Always Return To

Last update: 28 July, 2022

There are those people who we can always return to even when we’ve been light-years apart. They are synonymous with warmth and closeness, a connection at first sight. An unbreakable and unique harmony.

They smell like home, like the band-aids that once covered our emotional wounds like the ointment that healed them, like the voice that calmed us. Through them we were able to believe that unbearable moments were just that: moments.

“Person homes smell like unconditional love and acceptance. They smell like affection, like long hugs where you close your eyes and smile. These people smell like friendship, love, and chosen family.

They’re always by your side, and they trust in you even when you’ve stopped trusting yourself. They don’t prevent vertigo or falling, but they offer you exactly the right words that only someone who has sewn your wounds into lessons can give you.”

-Repairing Broken Wings-

one big braid

The most beautiful people I know

“Person homes,” who are as strong as steel, are the people who hug you so tight that they put all your pieces back together, the ones who make your fears and your pains disappear. The ones who have taught you goodness, showing you that the world is completely wonderful.

Thanks to them, we find reasons to give our best effort and be happy every day. And through their patience, we’ve been able to understand that good things happen to those who wait for them. 

Because patience is a virtue that frames our emotional freedom. Blowing on our wounds only dulls the pain. With these people, we’re no longer afraid to look at life as it is, with all its difficulties.

We know that even though it’s hard, we won’t know the value of being strong until we have no other choice. We fall where we fall and we get up, because a this person once showed us that we can have strength and courage.

But if at some point we’re not able to be strong, there they are, like walking sticks or points of support, reminding us that there will always be a place that we can come back to so we can put ourselves back together.

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Their heart has a unique engine: kindness

You can recognize them easily, because ever since you met them you’ve been a better person. They’ve strengthened you and enriched your life.

You probably know more than one person who seems to be made of steelwhose engine only functions on a mix of two fuels: love and understanding.

I don’t know any warmth more comforting than the warmth of my person homes. They’re not just our families, friends, or counselors; they are our fire. And it’s through their love that we’ve understood that everything can burn if we give it the proper spark.

They save us from falling, helping us weave bigger wings. Restoring our dreams, settling our fears, choosing the sadness that is worth experiencing and doing away with the rest.

They are beautiful people who smell like a breeze and taste like the sea. They have the ability to hug the people they love with words and looks, making the ugliest wounds disappear, converting them into precious scars.

Because they can prevent the smiles we use to mask our pain from breaking us on the inside and turn them into true happiness. These people know us so well that they can tell when we’re being insincere when we say “I’m fine.”

Through all of the emotional richness that they’ve shared with us, we’ll never be able to express what they are and what they mean to us. In terms of gratitude, we’ll always be in their debt. Even though it’s never sufficient to just say it: thank you always.

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