Self-Important People Rarely Make it to the Top

Self-Important People Rarely Make it to the Top

Last update: 03 March, 2018

When we say, “make it to the top,” we’re not talking about getting ahead of other based on superficial reasons. It doesn’t mean that you’re the most physically attractive person. We aren’t saying you are the most successful professionally.

Making to the top means so much more than that. It means deep, authentic mental health. To be happy is to make it to the top. Enjoying life and taking pleasure in it is the most precious thing we could hope for.

The concept of placing less importance on ourselves goes hand-in-hand with unconditional acceptanceWhen we slim down our ego and remember that we are simply human beings, we can throw off the pressure of pretending, of putting on a front.

Human beings are valuable just for being ourselves. Above all, we are valuable for our capacity for love. Titles, fortune, great beauty… none of that means anything if we don’t know how to love. It is useless if we can’t love life and other human beings.

If we look closely, the kind of people we really appreciate and admire are those who are genuine. They accept themselves and they are sure about who they are. They try to improve but they don’t tell themselves that they shouldn’t be who they are.

On the contrary, they find positive value in who they are. When we are psychologically vulnerable to the world, when we cut our ego down to size and we love ourselves exactly as we are, that’s when we truly reach the top.

To make it to the top, you don’t have to depend on the outside world

When we assign value to people based on what they have or what they have achieved, it’s a mistake. We make another mistake when we value ourselves based on certain traits. If we don’t accept ourselves for who we are, we will suffer.

Make it to the top.

External things can’t add value to a person. As a silly example, a fruit basket is worth just as much if it has some fruit with minor imperfections. In other words, we can’t base our personal worth on any one action or aspect.

Fortunately, the ability to love is something that human beings innately possess. It doesn’t matter if you are a politician, a street sweeper, a computer programmer, or a runway model. Each person carries a love of life with them, just like everyone else.

If you believe that there are truly evil people in the world, you are wrong. There are people who are wrong, or sick, or haven’t learned to act any other way. If you reflect a little, you will realize that inside each of these people is a child that just wants to run, laugh, and enjoy life.

Therefore, since all human beings have this incredible ability, we are all worth the same. Neither race nor gender, intelligence level nor money, makes any difference.

Visualize getting rid of your self-importance

We have to visualize ourselves without all of those things that supposedly make us valuable. That way, we can free ourselves from the pressures that come from thinking we need to have some particular features, be a certain way, or have certain things,  They’re like clothing that disappears when you are naked.

For example, if I am the kind of person who thinks that having a good body makes me worth more, I would have to imagine myself without my good body. I have to visualize myself as an unattractive, but extremely happy, person. After all, good looks are not necessary to enjoy life.

We can do the same thing with other external characteristics. Some examples are intelligence or success. If we are able to see ourselves as happy but unintelligent or unsuccessful people, we will be less dependent on the “clothes” we hide behind. We can be more flexible and less strict with our imperfections. After all, these imperfections can be found in every body and every soul.

When you are free, you make it to the top. You’ve accepted yourself and freed yourself from false needs and dependence on the world.

Peacefully sitting by the water.

We will be happy, regardless of the things that we own. We will be at peace with ourselves and our surroundings because we won’t feel the need to create a certain image so that others accept us. Paradoxically, only then will others truly accept us.

So, the key to health and happiness is to rid ourselves of self-importance. We have tell ourselves that we are worthwhile beings, but we aren’t self-important at the same time.

It might sound contradictory, but it’s true. Tell yourself that you are great but dispensable. That attitude gives us a mental break. We don’t have anything to prove; we just love ourselves for who we are.

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