Life Is More Than Just Breathing

Life Is More Than Just Breathing

Last update: 29 July, 2016

Every day we focus on our routine tasks such as moving, breathing and little else, without realizing that we have lost the ability to dream, feel excited, and enjoy every moment. Life is not just a routine. It is not just sleeping, eating and working. It is more than that, much more.

We distinguish our leisure time and our time working, but life is everything. We cannot limit or confine it to just a few vacation days. All our time is life. If you are not enjoying every second you are missing out on a lot.

“We know what we are. But still we do not know what we can become. “

-William Shakespeare-

Learn to dream

Life is something else. It is dreaming every moment about moving closer to approaching what we have desired since we were kids. Do you remember what you dreamed of as a child? Think about what you craved, what made you most excited. Perhaps you dreamed of being a pilot, being a painter, or writing stories. What has prevented you from fulfilling your dreams?

boat with a moon in a world where anything is possible

Many times we stop dreaming to fulfill the dreams or desires of others to pursue a life that is not really ours, and give up what we really want with all our heart. It is about dreaming again and remembering what makes our heart beat heavily or what draws a smile on our face.

“The secret of human existence is not only to live but also to knowing what you are living for.”

-Fyodor Dostoyevsky-

Enjoy every moment

Many times we are with other people and we get distracted from thinking about our concerns and put many things aside: how that person looks at you, what that person is telling you, the smell at that moment, how they know what you drink, what color the sky is…

Put aside your phone and your concerns to listen and feel. Feel life and its vast beauty and fullness, with all its smells, colors, and people. Smile at every moment. Even if you feel bad, that smile will comfort you.

Life is taking action

Life is about taking action, not sitting at home waiting for things to happen. It’s about moving and doing everything possible to fight for our dreams and the things we want. No matter if we lose, if we fail, we will always learn from the experience.

If you want to dedicate your time to painting pictures, go paint. Try a painting course, get to know other painters, visit museums and exhibitions, try your best to enjoy your skill. Think about what you’re good at, what you are passionate about and move!

Life is feeling

Life is feeling, it’s crying, it’s laughing, it’s hugging, it’s cherishing. It is to let our feelings overwhelm us and let them out. Sometimes we hide what we feel and act like we’re OK, even when we want to cry. We limit our expressions of affection. But it’s time to learn how rewarding it is let our feelings out.

woman hands moon

Do you dare to give someone a hug or a kiss? What’s stopping you? There is nothing nicer than giving hugs and kisses and surrounding someone with our body, giving a hug so strong that it does not let in any fear, sadness, or loneliness.

Life is not being afraid

Life is to overcome the fear of living, changing, falling in love to avoid getting hurt, working someplace we do not like because we are afraid of not finding another job, and keeping quiet about what we feel to not disappoint others.

Overcome your fear and remember that most of the things that scare us have never happened nor will they ever happen. If they do occur, we must face them with all our courage. Enjoy the here and now, what you feel at this moment and all the good that is around you.

Get up every day with a smile, draw a nice curve with your mouth that shows your joy. That shows you are not afraid, and you’ve learned to control that fear and make it work in your favor. Show life you really want to live it.

“The really important thing is to fight to live life, to suffer and to enjoy it, to lose your dignity and dare yourself again. Life is wonderful if you are not afraid. “

-Charles Chaplin-


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