Don’t Put Off Until Tomorrow, the Kisses You Can Give Today

Don’t Put Off Until Tomorrow, the Kisses You Can Give Today

Last update: 27 June, 2022

Today’s kisses say everything and maybe tomorrow will be too late.

They are not just a physical act but a representation of love, respect, and friendship . Kisses are the only language that leaves nothing left unsaid and that knows nothing of ulterior motives.

Big ones, small ones… short, long, warm, cold, wet, dry… A kiss can speak of the existence of everything and of nothing.

“The kiss I keep for you now threatens to fly away, to leave my lips and find you or be lost in the attempt.”

Ligia García y García

Kissing is an art of knowing how to give and how to receive

Our kisses say everything with their intensity, frequency, and warmth. Kissing is searching for a destination and wanting to stay there, even for just a few seconds. Staying there to feel the contact and what that contact means.


Kisses are searching as much as being found. A give and take. I kiss you because I want to and you respond how you want to.

And, I kiss you because I love you, because I adore you, because I have the urge to say “hello” with my lips. So, for seconds or for hours, the world stops and our eyes close. Why go a day without this explosion of sensation?

I kiss, I love

When I kiss I forget to think and just exist . Everything else ceases to exist. Because kisses transport you to a pleasant place of pure feeling. That’s it, nothing else. This is the magic of a kiss, the magic of just that one moment.


More kisses, less talk

Perhaps kissing was invented to close two mouths together…        

-S acha Guitry- 

A kiss that quiets conversation is a kiss you give with not only your body but also with your heart. 

A kiss is worth more than a thousand words and becomes a source of energy for a relationship. It is a sign of a great trust, of a need to be close, of contact and desire.

They make us feel good, loved, relaxed , and free. They’re the first step to total surrender and can make all negativity disappear for a few moments of our lives.



The power of kisses

There are kisses of every kind and kisses that speak many languages. We have all felt the fire of the memory of a kiss. Kisses of love, tenderness, complicity, affection, trust.

Kisses inspired by love are the ones full of heart and purity, the ones we remember with a smile. Endless kisses that urgently seek the eager lips of a new lover…those passionate kisses can accompany us our entire lives.

Very often, the most eager of lips have no rush after two kisses…

-J. Sabina

There are also kisses that occur out of habit, anger, pain, of begging and of farewells. Those are the bitter ones that leave on your lips the same sensation of a chill down your spine.

Kisses give us the information we need and can enable our ability to make a decision, maybe to recover the relationship or let it go.

A kiss is much more than a kiss. It is a force with the capacity to unite or divide. It is everything yet nothing. So, do not forget your kisses today; tomorrow may be too late.

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