7 Qualities of Successful Women

7 Qualities of Successful Women
Sergio De Dios González

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist Sergio De Dios González.

Written by Okairy Zuñiga

Last update: 21 December, 2022

There have been many successful women in modern and ancient history. Although they are each unique, they all follow the same pattern: they have done incredible things in their lives. We can find this type of women in every area of life, and they inspire us with their actions.

So what qualities do most successful women have in common? They don’t have superpowers like the heroines found in comic books. Successful women have adopted a philosophy of life in which they take control of themselves and their world. Do you want to know what the main traits of successful women are? Keep reading and discover them.

1. Successful women are passionate about what they do

Everyday life is complex in all of its aspects. Even if you professionally do what you like and your family is everything you ever dreamed of, there will be moments when you’ll feel a bit listless. Thus, successful women make sure that passion remains a part of their life.

Innovating and doing something new whenever you can, working on things that motivate you to get up in the morning and having special moments with your family are vital for your well-being.

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2. They don’t seek perfection

One of the biggest secrets that successful women have learned is that perfection is impossible to achieve. They know that it’s good to set goals for yourself and to always think big, as long as you don’t obsess over an impossibility.

Instead, they focus on living and enjoying every moment. In order to become a successful woman, you should remember that things won’t always go your way. So, you should learn to live in the moment.

3. They know when to take control and when to let go

Successful women are capable of taking control of their lives, relationships and careers when necessary. They know that this implies creating their own rules and making their surroundings work with them in a friendly and intelligent manner.

But they go even further, because they’re also capable of letting go of this control when their emotional and mental health demands it. They can maintain an inner balance because they’re willing to negotiate with the people that surround them.

4. They get married to the right person, or not at all

Marriage is one of the most difficult topics to discuss for many women. It’s no secret that in our society it’s expected that after a certain age you should marry and have children. This can make many women accept to get married to someone that proposes, no matter if they are the type of person there were hoping for or not.

Successful women don’t have this tendency. On the contrary, successful women have so much self-confidence and are so convinced of their own worth that they only accept marriage proposals if they so wish.

They prefer to experience and enjoy being single until they’re convinced that their partner will support them and grow with them at the same pace. And if they were wrong, they’re willing to backtrack if necessary.

5. They take risks

The best way to reach success is by looking for it, and this is only possible if you get out of your comfort zone. Successful women don’t limit themselves to making easy decisions or living a life based on convenience.

They go even further and bet on activities that represent a challenge for them. This allows them to learn something new every day whilst they also move towards their goals in life, professionally and emotionally.

6. They make sure they have alone time 

Successful women recognize that everyone needs to give themselves some alone time on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter if your day is full to the brim of personal and work-related obligations, 20 minutes a day will suffice. During this break, you should forget, at least for a while, all of your pending tasks. Meditate on what you’re doing and create new goals.

In order to avoid skipping this alone time, you can program an alarm, and when the time comes, you should turn off your cellphone, computer, everything that may distract you. Take advantage of this time to practice yoga, read a bit, meditate or simply do nothing at all.

7. They know that success goes beyond material things

Though the general idea that we all have of success is based on having a lot of money and material possessions, successful women see it differently. Of course, money is important to them, but it is more important to feel satisfied and comfortable with what they do.

They smile and cry when they need to. They work hard and allow themselves to rest when they should, as well. What does success mean to you? Have you achieved it?

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