I Love the Hugs that Make Me Close My Eyes

I Love the Hugs that Make Me Close My Eyes
Raquel Aldana

Written and verified by the psychologist Raquel Aldana.

Last update: 14 December, 2021

I love the hugs that make me shudder, that stop time and leave me breathless. I love them because they put me back together and they make my sorrows and fears fly far, far away.

I like the hugs that, even though they don’t fix anything, help me to tell my problems that they won’t have power over me, that they won’t break down my walls or destroy my harvest.

I adore those hugs because they stop my rambling, they help me to maintain balance, they comfort me, and they reveal my essence. I adore them because they convey such ideal affection that I dare to pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming or if it’s true that I am on top of the world.

So yes, I confess, those hugs are my weakness. I melt just thinking about them. They embrace me, wrap around me, and make me feel like life is not unjust or bad, and that there’s no better way to feel than through skin-to-skin contact.


My skin is the skin of the one who made it tremble

Feeling this affection makes my skin tingle, and then, for a moment, it ceases to be mine and belongs to the one who made it tremble. Because the truth is that not everyone accomplishes this, only those people who earn the highest ranks in our lives.

They are the ones who hold us up like pillars, with those arms that come when our hopes start to crack, our windows creak, and our opportunities play hide and seek.

The only people who make my skin tingle are the ones who are associated with examples, lessons, and permanence. The ones who I’m lucky to know and love and be able to hug.

floating hug

When your skin tingles like that, you don’t remember the blows you’ve received in life. You don’t remember them because in that human contact, you find a reason to smile without looking back to the times you put an end to your failed attempts and defeated battles.

I love those hugs that put my broken pieces back together

I love to think about those hugs that put me back together when I’m broken. It’s a wonderful thing to feel like the chaotic world has been reorganized under my feet, that I can step on my past and move on.

That’s when I realize that overcoming the bumps in the road is all about confronting them and persisting, enduring the rainstorm and waiting for something better to come. And with these thoughts, I put my pieces back together, the ones that save me and close my wounds.

Then I’m ready to jump into the void if I’m asked, although you can be sure that it won’t be enough. Because I know that tripping is not human, what’s human is fighting.


At best, I’m too sensitive, but for me, there are gestures that make my day and fix my life. It’s almost like they recharge my batteries and plug them into a high voltage.

But even though I don’t explode, butterflies do hatch in my stomach. And then everything seems more beautiful, with more colors and less gray. Something so wonderful and spectacular that I am hopelessly amazed.

This is the grand effect that hugs have for me, and the main reason why I love receiving them and thinking about them. Because not only do they make us feel special, they also offer us the possibility of being unique.

Unique, exceptional, and genuine. Those are the experiences that overflow the soul and that remind us that we’re all under the same sky and that from our own hands come all the reasons to never stop smiling.

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