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Eva Maria Rodríguez


Graduated in Teaching with experience as a music, dance, physical education, and cooking teacher. She has more than a decade of experience as a writer and content manager for digital media. She has specialized in the entire panorama of digital marketing and provides advice, and maintenance of web pages, as well as developing electronic commerce projects.

About the author

She has a Diploma in Teaching from the University of Salamanca (2000). She also has the Intermediate Degree of Music from the Professional Conservatory of Salamanca (2000) and the Superior Degree of Music from the Old Superior Conservatory of Music of Santiago de Compostela (2002).

She has worked as a Physical Education and Music teacher for primary school students. She has also taught dance, harmony, cooking, and piano classes. In addition, she  has experience working with people with Down syndrome. She has also worked as a yoga and fitness instructor.

Since 2008, she has been working in the creation of digital content. This includes social media management, creative writing, website design, maintenance and development, creating e-commerce projects, and, of course, writing articles. She has collaborated over the course of all these years with digital media of a different nature, so her experience is considerable and proficient.

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