84 Original and Fun Birthday Sayings

In this article, we've compiled a list of fun sayings for you to wish happy birthday to your friends, family, and colleagues.
84 Original and Fun Birthday Sayings

Last update: 28 August, 2021

It doesn’t matter if you’re a friend, family member, or colleague, congratulating someone on their birthday is always an opportunity for being creative. You normally offer your good wishes, sometimes along with some words of encouragement and motivation. However, you might also use humor to get your message across. If this is your aim, then some of these original and fun birthday sayings might be for you.

Some might surprise you with their black humor. Naturally, it all depends on who you want to congratulate. Anyway, you’re bound to find one or two here that suit the occasion.

The best funny birthday sayings

Although you have a whole year to think about it, sometimes the birthday of a loved one comes around and you don’t really know how to say happy birthday in an original way. If this tends to happen to you, try some of the following funny birthday sayings:

1. “Congratulations! You’ve now got one year less of having to put up with your mother-in-law”.

Black humor is always a good ally when congratulating a friend or colleague. As long as you’re confident enough, and are sure that the person has a good sense of humor, these words will guarantee a smile. That’s providing you’re not the mother-in-law of course.

2. “Happy birthday! Don’t feel bad about getting old, your age just means the number of years the world has had to enjoy you”.

Unlike many of the birthday wishes on this list, these words aren’t really funny or sarcastic. On the contrary, they offer good wishes and demonstrate a different way of viewing the fact of celebrating one more year of life.

Woman surprised by a mobile message

3. “Happy birthday! Smile all you can today because your teeth won’t last forever”.

The best part about this phrase is that, right up to the middle, it looks like a normal happy birthday message. However, we all have to grow old, so these words should never be taken personally.

In fact, you can’t miss a laugh on your birthday, as long as you get to show your teeth off.

4. “Today, many years ago the person I love, respect, and value the most was born. The person I will always care for and help as long as I live. Oh, and you were born too. Happy birthday!”

This is one of the best birthday sayings for a best friend. In these kinds of close relationships, humor is always welcome. Perhaps you can make up for these rather cheeky words with some great ideas when it comes to celebrating their birthday.

5. “The day has finally come when you start pretending about your age! Success and congratulations, I wish you all the best on this day”.

Joking about real age and what a person looks like is always a safe bet when looking for fun birthday sayings.

6. “Today, you’re older than you were yesterday. But don’t worry, you’re younger than you will be tomorrow! Happy birthday”.

Although this is a little ironic, it’s true. A few words that will at least serve as a reminder that today should be enjoyed regardless.

7. “Congratulations, you’re one step closer to being a responsible adult. Have a happy day in your big boy pants”.

We all have that friend who, no matter how old they get, they’re still the eternal teenager. At least, in their mind.

8. “Have a great day. Remember that birthdays are Nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake”.

There’s nothing wrong with losing your inhibitions and eating as much cake as you can once a year. In fact, happiness can often be found in a piece of cake.

9. “Happy birthday. You’ve finally reached the stage where I can reveal to you the secret of staying young forever: lying about your age!”

One of the original birthday phrases that you can use when they’ve reached a certain age.  However, as with the others on our list, it only makes sense if they possess a good sense of humor.

10. “Happy birthday! I congratulate you on being mature, intelligent, sophisticated, and classy enough not to give importance to such mundane things as gifts”.

Did you remember at the last minute and haven’t had time to buy a gift? Well, with these words at least you’ll get a temporary reprieve. After all, better late than never.

11. “Congratulations, dear friend. Remember, you’ll never be so young again as you are today, so enjoy it.”

This is quite direct. Indeed, It’s the last three words that hold the most importance here.

12. “You’re just like good wine, you improve with age. Happy birthday, dear friend!”.

This is certainly a different kind of way to give your congratulations.

13. “The day has finally come. Happy birthday! I thought of giving you some dye for your gray hair, but at the store, they told me they didn’t sell products by the liter.”

Not a laugh-out-loud comment, but somewhat more ironic. It should make them smile anyway.

14. “Today I don’t know whether to congratulate you or offer my condolences! Let’s go with the first: Happy birthday”.

Again, one of the best sayings to wish happy birthday to a best friend or at least to someone you really like.

15. “Never lie about your age, unless it’s an emergency situation. Like when someone asks you how old you are. Happy birthday! May you have many more.”

A little kinder than the previous ones, and more fun too. With these words, you can congratulate someone who’s already crossed the boundary into middle age.

16. “Statistics show that the people who have the most birthdays live the longest. Congratulations on that!”

A funny sentence that’ll make the birthday boy or girl smile.

17. “Have fun on this day, although remember that you’ll never be so young again (wink, wink). Happy birthday.”

Another variation on the jokes about being one year older. In fact, they never go out of style. If you and the birthday girl or boy enjoy this type of humor, be sure to use it when the occasion approaches.

18. “Since you insist on having your birthday every year, I’ve no choice but to congratulate you. Happy birthday! May you continue to grow in every possible sense, except in trouser size”.

Good wishes with a touch of irony. What more could you ask for in a funny birthday saying?

19. “Inside every older person there’s a young person wondering: what the hell happened? Happy birthday, wishing you every success on this day”.

You probably laughed when you read this. That’s because you also have that young person inside you asking the same question. In fact, if you’re close age close to the birthday boy or girl, you can share a hug and mull over this amusing saying.

Senior woman celebrating birthday

20. “Old age is like an airplane flying through a storm. Once you’re on board, you won’t be able to do anything about it. Happy birthday!”

For this reason, you should know how to be a good pilot and fasten your seat belt. However, to be honest, your birthday’s the only day when you’re allowed to leave the cockpit and go drinking with the first-class passengers.

21. “Today, on your birthday, don’t forget to set goals as high as the clouds. Then, during the rest of the year, you can build a rocket that’ll allow you to reach them. Have a happy day!”.

No humor or irony, just good wishes. Perfect to congratulate a person you don’t know too well.

22. “Happy birthday! Do you remember when we thought that people our age were adults and had their lives in order? What a bad joke. Anyway, successes and blessings”.

Ideal for remembering the old days, especially if this greeting is for someone you’ve known all your life.

23. “Happy birthday! I’m always happy to congratulate you because I remember that you’re older than me. Cheers for that”.

Another phrase for someone you know really well.

24. “Happy birthday! If, from today, someone calls you old, don’t stand for it, hit him with your cane”.

Always respect the elderly!

25. “Congratulations on one more year of life! If you look back in search of all the achievements you’ve achieved, the first thing you’ll notice is that you’ll have to use a telescope”.

Or a microscope, if the achievements are meager.

26. “Happy birthday. We’ve reached a point where” you look good “is always accompanied by” for your age “. Don’t worry, you look really good… for your age“.

Nothing like a fully explanatory joke.

27. “Congratulations on one more year of life! For the next few years you should know three things: the first is that you’ll lose your memory and the other two I don’t remember”.

This is one of the best birthday sayings to use when you want to share the fact that you’re both beginning to age. After all, laughter’s always the best medicine.

28. “Remember that age is just a number, although in your case it’s a very large one. Congratulations! Good health, and may you have many more years to come”.

Age is just a number. It always helps to view it with a large dose of optimism. Furthermore, it doesn’t have to limit you.

29. “Today we celebrate the first time you cried naked in someone else’s bed. The first, not the last. Happy birthday!”

Just to make you think!

30. “Happy birthday. Some things improve with age. Unfortunately, you’re not one of them”.

Direct and very funny. One of the best sayings for wishing a happy birthday.

31. “Birthdays are like cheese: they stink more as you get older. Happy birthday, don’t let this stop you from celebrating”.

Always be sincere

32. “Blessings today for your birthday! Remember that the main side effect of this day is aging”.

A side effect that no one can escape. If you look in the mirror and see that you look older than you did a few years ago, at least it means you’re still alive.

33. “Happy birthday! Remember you’re not old, you’re just old enough to learn some more. Blessings for that”.

And to do new things. In fact, as we get older, we find the strength to do things that, until recently, we didn’t dare to do.

34. “Congratulations on a new year of life! You’re getting closer and closer to the mandatory use of diapers again”.

It seems as if reaching the end actually takes us back to the beginning.

35. “The best thing about this day is that you’re the living example that getting older doesn’t mean you’re any more mature. Happy birthday, dear friend”.

Surely you have a friend who’ll suit these words.

36. “Happy birthday. I’m not going to be like the others and make fun of your age, I know that old people are very sensitive and you have to respect them. Cheers!”

Is it possible to write funny phrases for birthdays without referring to age? It seems not.

37. “Blessings for one more year of life. Remember that having a birthday isn’t so bad, at least you get to eat cake”.

Eating cake is always the best and most eagerly awaited part of a birthday.

38. “Congratulations on one more year of life. Celebrate with great fanfare, but remember that too many birthdays can kill you”.

All scientists agree with this.

39. “Happy birthday. I think last year you forgot to give me my birthday present, so today I return the favor”.

A way of getting even, at the same time as wishing happy birthday.

40. “They say that the key to age is in the mind, you just have to find a way to prevent it from seeping into your body. Congratulations on one more year of life!”

Furthermore, if they find a way to do it, please ask them to share it with all of us.

41. “If gray hair’s a sign of wisdom, then officially you’re a genius. Congratulations and blessings on your birthday”.

You should never stop thinking about gray hair in this way. At least it’s preferable to the other way.

42. “What goes up but never goes down? Your age, champion. Happy birthday!”

Nothing like a joke and a birthday greeting in one.

43. “You’re cheating! The older you are, you older you should look. Happy birthday, may that fountain of eternal youth never run out”.

Funny with no irony here.

44. “You’re not getting old, you’re just leveling up. I wish you the best on this day, enjoy it and many more to come”.

If you have a friend who’s a fan of video games, what better way to congratulate them than with this phrase?

Family celebrating father's birthday

45. “Some see the glass half- full, others half- empty. Today’s your birthday so just drink what’s in the glass and forget about your problems”.

Although let’s hope it never becomes empty.

46. “Happy birthday. Try to think on the bright side: at least you’re not as old as you will be next year”.

A few words of encouragement to celebrate in style.

47. “You’re reaching the perfect age: old enough to learn from your mistakes, but not so old that you keep making too many more. Congratulations on that”.

Any age can be the perfect age if you keep these words in mind.

48. “I’m not saying you’re getting older, but I bet your birth certificate’s written on papyrus. Happy birthday, many more to come”.

It’s better to celebrate your birthday with a laugh than not. Laughing won’t make you any younger but at least it makes getting older more tolerable.

49. “Don’t worry about your age, you might not be able to remember it soon. Blessings, may you enjoy a new year of life.”

One less problem in the day-to-day worries!

50. “Happy birthday. Remember: not only does wine improve with age, but you improve with wine”.

Keep those glasses overflowing!

51. “You’ve unlocked the last level of the ages of man: youth, middle age and “you look wonderful”. Happy birthday”.

If we’re honest, it’s better to hear a ” you look wonderful” than anything else.

52. “If things improve with age, then you’re very close to being exceptional. Blessings and congratulations for reaching another year of life”.

There’s no better way to praise your friend’s new age than with these words.

53. “Old age isn’t bad when you consider the alternative. Think about it the next time you’re told how old you look. Happy birthday!”

Think about this the next time you worry about growing older.

54. “It’s never too late to be what you want to be unless you what you want is to be younger. Blessings and happy birthday”.

Unfortunately, this is a birthday wish that just can’t ever be fulfilled no matter how old you are.

55. “Having a birthday has disadvantages and advantages.  You don’t see letters up close so well, but, on the plus side the idiots look further away. Happy birthday”.

Health and blessings for such a perfect balance.

56. “Happy birthday! Remember that it’s better to have wrinkles from having smiled many times than from always frowning. Add one more and smile as much as you can today”.

A different way of looking at and celebrating those wrinkles!

57. “They say that old age is like second childhood: you have no hair or teeth. Blessings for another new year of life, may you continue to reap the dreams you deserve”.

A person doesn’t have to be really old for you to use this greeting. It’s still funny, no matter what their age.

58. “You’re not getting older, you’re just marinating. Celebrate this day at the top, you can only do it once a year. Congratulations”.

A little joke that you can use if they’re a foodie.

59. “I wish the most beautiful, sincere, and kind person I know to have an incredible day today. I wish you a happy birthday too”.

One of the birthday sayings that you can use with friends or family.

60. “I wanted to give you a souvenir from your youth for your birthday, but I didn’t find any cave art in the antique store. Happy birthday.”

Back to the old faithful, humor around age. You can also use these words as an excuse in case you forgot to buy a birthday gift.

61. “I hope you celebrate your birthday today just like your first one ever, naked”.

In the good sense of the phrase, of course.

62. “Congratulations, you only look a year older than your last birthday. Keep it up! “.

A goal that’s not always easy to achieve. However, that doesn’t stop us from trying.

63. “The older the violinist, the sweeter the melody. Happy birthday.”

And it will always be so. Hence, there’s no reason for sadness or apathy regarding the passing years.

64. “Aging is the only scientifically proven method to live longer. Congratulations on one more year of life, may you have many more”.

There’s no doubt about it, so celebrate it.

65. “The definition of old age: when you’ve spent more money on the candles than the cake. Blessings for one more year of life”.

As the years go by, we no longer use one candle per year.  However. it still makes for an amusing idea.

66. “Your birthday’s the only day of the year when you’re congratulated for not having actually done anything. Happy birthday!”

We can’t add anything else to these words.

67. “Time heals everything except wrinkles. Happy birthday and blessings for another new year of life.”

Wrinkles are nothing more than the sign that you’ve enjoyed your life.

68. “Congratulations: soon you won’t have to lie about your age any longer, there’ll be no denying it”.

As long as it’s said with good humor, and it’s said to someone you have a good relationship with, it’ll cause a few laughs.

69. “The best part about getting older is that now you can use the excuse that you’re too old to do anything you don’t want to do. Congratulations!”

Like planning a very noisy birthday party.

70. “Don’t worry: you’re only young once, but you can be immature forever. Congratulations on one more year of life”.

Words you can use towards that friend who never really matured.

Young man celebrating birthday

71. “Another year to show that being older doesn’t necessarily mean being wiser. Congratulations”.

We all know someone like this.

72. “The best thing about birthdays is being alive to celebrate them. So enjoy it to the best of your ability!”

With this sentence, you’ll remind them that, no matter how old they are, the best thing is being alive to celebrate.

73. “From now on, whatever age you turn will be the new 30. Well done for adding one more chapter to your life.”

Be careful, because that means that you will experience your mid-life crisis repeatedly.

74. “Didn’t you have enough last birthday?  No? Well, Happy birthday!”.

At least it’s a good excuse to eat cake again.

75. “Tell me that story again about when you met the dinosaurs! Congratulations to you today!”

Funny, but not quite black humor. It has a touch of innocence about it.

76. “Happy birthday. If I don’t give you anything this year don’t be offended, I’m just saving for next year”.

Another of the phrases that serve as an excuse when you haven’t planned to buy a gift.

77. “Who knew you would get this far! Happy birthday, friend, may all your dreams come true.”

We all know a person we can say this to. In fact, it’s one of the best birthday phrases you can use.

78. “You can be as old as you want, but don’t expect me to follow your example. I’m still young. Congratulations!”

Irony and good wishes combined. The best combination

79. “Today, have fun but not too much. Remember, it’s not wise to overdo it at your age. Best wishes for another year, old man”.

It really is clear that you just can’t make funny birthday phrases without joking about age.

80. “The oldest antiques are the most valuable ….but they’re also the most useless. Happy Birthday!”

You’ll have to know them very well to use these words. Another one to keep in your back pocket when you’re stuck.

81. “You’re not getting old, you’re just getting more vintage. Best wishes for one more year of life”.

Another different way of looking at an additional year of life.

82. “Congratulations on being born a long time ago”.

Very direct and dry yet fun for some. In fact, sometimes serious comments can be more fun than you might think,

84. “What a time to have a birthday …. in a global financial crisis! Well, I hope you have a great time anyway. Congratulations.”

An original, fun, and different way not to give a gift.

85. “I don’t remember how old you are, but let’s celebrate like you’re still young. Happy birthday.”

You always have to celebrate birthdays as if you were young. After all, they only come once a year.

Our list of the best birthday phrases has been compiled with the best of intentions. No insults intended. Just a lot of good laughs and good wishes. Indeed, birthday celebrations should always involve a lot of laughter… and a lot of cake.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.