11 Habits of Irresistible People

11 Habits of Irresistible People

Last update: 28 July, 2022

Irresistible people are the ones who, independent of beauty or style, manage to dazzle others. These people are capable of achieving great things due to their attitude, charisma, or even something as simple as kindness. In a person who seems irresistible, their smile radiates confidence, compassion, and joy.

Doctor Travis Bradberry, author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0, has researched and studied people’s emotional connections and has recognized that there are basic characteristics that make some people more friendly and charismatic than others.

Bradberry explains that when influential people speak, the conversations spread out like waves in a pond. And those waves are multidirectional. Influential people inspire everyone who is around them to explore new ideas and to think in a different way.

What irresistible people do differently

People who have a great power to influence are aware of how they treat others. They think that few things can kill sympathy as fast as arrogance. Irresistible people do not act as if they were better than others. In fact, they believe that they have the ability to be successful, as well as the ability to create the life they desire.

But what is the secret to being an irresistible person? There are things that irresistible people do differently from others. They are the following things:

1. They treat others with dignity and respect. Irresistible people do not intimidate others; instead, they are capable of treating everyone with the same respect. For these people, there are no social classes or categories in this sense.

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2. They do not critique or gossip. A charismatic person has no need to use gossip and critique to motivate others, but rather, it is enough for them to bring out the best in themselves and to allow others to shine. That is to say, they are generous, allowing everyone to show their value.

3. They treat others as they expect to be treated. Many people believe that influential people follow the rule of treating others the way they wish to be treated. But as explained by Doctor Bradberry, this rule is false because it assumes that everyone wishes to be treated in the same way. In reality, people have different desires and goals. Irresistible people adapt to some degree to the particular characteristics of the people they deal with.

4. They have healthy limits. Irresistible people do not try to please everyone all the time. They are aware that there is a time and a place for everything. They have healthy ways of helping and giving to others without forgetting to care for themselves. That ability to set limits is a great example of love towards themselves and towards others.

5. They are genuine and have integrity. Irresistible people do not pretend to be someone they are not and they fully trust in their qualities. They know their value and they never let others tell them how they should see themselves. They know what is important and that is what they transmit to others. Integrity is one of the best characteristics that they teach others.

6. They always smile, and to everyone. This ability to always smile and to smile at everyone is what makes irresistible people more attractive and powerful. With their energy, they bring about a smile and laughter in others. These people know that a smile is more attractive than anything else and that it has the ability to break away from negativity.

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7. They are compassionate and show empathy. Irresistible people are empathetic towards others and they show compassion for animals, nature, and people. However, for them, it is not just a matter of showing kindness to those they love, but also of stepping outside their comfort zone for the benefit of the relationship.

8. They love life and they bring people together. This kind of person also suffers and faces challenges and difficult times, but they know that life has no price and that it is the only thing that is real, that we have to take risks and help others. What’s more, they love people and they really enjoy being with others.

This is why they appreciate every moment, and when they run across someone new, they make that person feel as if they were the most incredible thing about their day. Furthermore, they are great “human connectors,” especially skilled at bring together similar people.

9. They know that we have to work hard to get ahead in life. The irresistible person can always wear a smile, but they know that nothing comes without hard work, a fight, and effort. They work hard to be successful and they show an unquenchable thirst to see their desires fulfilled. They are successful because they do not give in.

10. They listen. Doctor Bradberry says that people like to know that they are being listened to and something as simple as a question for clarification not only shows that someone is listening, but also that they are taking an interest in what is being said. It’s surprising how much respect and appreciation can be earned simply by asking good questions. An irresistible person has that ability to make the other person feel listened to, recognized, and loved.

11. They have a positive attitude. In spite of all the challenges that they face, these people keep a positive attitude. They do not feed off of negativity nor do they play the victim; instead, they avoid confrontation and always seek an optimistic answer to face adversity.

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Turn into an irresistible person

Irresistible people are individuals who have ridden on every kind of emotional rollercoaster and who have faced every kind of obstacle. Along their journey, they have learned to be humble and that they are not alone in this world.

Do you want to be an irresistible person, too? Look humbly upon those around you without feeling better than others because you have overcome challenges and adversities or because you are more intelligent or more “well-read.” Only in this way will you manage to connect to others and discover the treasure that is housed within them. Isn’t that sensation really beautiful when we feel it?

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