Take A Risk And Live Intensely

Take A Risk And Live Intensely

Last update: 29 July, 2016

Living with intensity really represents a great risk but also a wonderful reward: a full and happy life. And once you take the first step, it is impossible to go back and you do not understand how you lived before. It’s not like you suddenly you obtain a superpower or anything like that, but you learn to live by viewing and exploring all possibilities.

Living with intensity means laughing, letting your hair down and learning. It also implies that you will cry and worry only when necessary. Many people believe that living intensely strictly means spending too much money or taking risks without control. None of these things are true.

Break clichés and focus only on you

Living with intensity and seeking perfection are two things that do not mix. You do not need to comply with any stereotype or canon of beauty to have an intense life. The only thing you need is to live by and for is you. Think of what you like and fight for what you want.

You just need to make the decision and open the doors that lead you to your goals. Living with intensity is to live with passion and joy. You’ll think it’s crazy when you have so many things to worry about.

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Many have developed the ability to only see the problems and the setbacks. If you analyze it, surely you’ll agree with me that this way of seeing life does not add anything. Well actually, yes, worry and stress. But that will not help you get anywhere. It does not make you productive or useful.

Let your hair down by fulfilling your dreams

Living with intensity forces you to manage and come out of your comfort zone. I understand that it is easier to stay in your comfortable sleep than to go out and find what you want. Maybe you think that the effort in getting up every day to go to work and meeting daily obligations is enough.

It is precisely this mentality that makes many people live on autopilot. It’s not easy and there won’t be anyone who will thank you for fulfilling your dreams. Do not think that this is unfair or that it is not worth trying. No one except the person who sees you in the mirror has to thank you every time you do something for yourself.

Forget that idea or you’ll be stuck. It’s b est to focus on living intensely: laugh, let your hair down, sweat, get dirty, tired and challenge your body and mind to go further.

Do something for your world

When was the last time you did something to improve the world? I’m not talking about logging into social networks and sharing a post. I’m sorry to say it but that really doesn’t do anything for anyone. It only serves to make you feel you’ve done something. I’m talking about going out and helping someone.

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Commit to a cause is also living with intensity. When we see from afar that every day people get up to do something for the world, we do not understand the reason. Most of them do not receive payment in return. Sometimes they only receive a “thank you” and still do it with a smile.

I think the key to understanding the reasons for that smile is doing something. No matter the cause you choose or how small your effort may be. You can always make a change and what you think is insignificant to one may be impossible to achieve for the other.

Surround yourself with people who have chosen to live with intensity

Have you noticed that the people around you influence you and the decisions you make? It is therefore important to include to those who inspire you to live life intensely. I’m not saying to meddle in their lives but rather to take every chance you have to get to know them.

Are you passionate about sports? The best thing you could do to interact with others who inspire you in this regard is get yourself onto a bicycle path.

Surely you’ll find at least one person who has achieved several goals. Interact with him or her and learn about their experience.

“Live the way your heart tells you life should be lived and the world will become a better place for everyone.”

-Paul Goodman-

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