Thank You Letter to My Mother, for Her Love

Thank You Letter to My Mother, for Her Love

Last update: 09 October, 2015

You do not know how much I love you and will love you. Of course, you should be able to imagine it very well because there is no person in this world who is able to love in such an immense way as you do.

I am trying, I assure you, but I’m not able to express everything that comes to my heart when I think of you. You are so strong, fighting against anything that would create unhappiness for those you love most.

As a child, which was very long ago, I thought you were some kind of superhero…and today I am fully convinced that you are. A master of love, you’ve always taken care of my wounds, whether on my knees and in my heart, your kisses healing all my pains.

The sun may become clouded forever;
the sea may dry in an instant;
the axis of the Earth may break
like a weak crystal.

Everything may happen! Death may
cover me with its shroud;
but never will the flame of your love
be extinguished in me.

Gustavo Adolfo Becquer

My nanny, my nurse, my confessor, my teacher of life, my eternal companion. You have always known how to ease my sleeplessness and my worries, someday you’ll tell me how you acquired that great skill. Being your daughter is a great privilege and I want my children to feel the same.

Although sometimes you feel defeated, I see in your eyes that the battles of everyday life have never defeated you. I also know now that they never will because your courage and strength have served to raise a family, which has immense power.

Why am I so sure? For many reasons but, among others, because after the years you spent battling for the entire family, you now you have a large army that will always protect your heart.


Your love is the reason I don’t settle for just anything, the reason I am always wanting more. Through example, you taught me my most important values: to love with all my heart, to have one hand to give and the other hand to receive, to be humble and to feel proud of myself and my family.

You have fought against all odds, you have calmed the most sinister of storms and although at times I have hurt you with my indifference or my thoughtlessness, I have always had a place to take shelter halfway between your heart and your arms.

Thanks to you I know today that my achievements belong to me and my dreams have no expiration date. And the smaller I felt, the more you nestled me, filling the void caused by my despair with your kisses. Thank you for your patience as I made mistakes and for having the superhuman strength to always takes the load off my back so I wouldn’t suffer.

You are my greatest privilege and my greatest gift. Because you have learned to do everything with one hand, because you have “slept” with one eye open until you heard me coming home after a night out, because you have given me your piece of cake, because you have learned the names of hundreds of dolls, because you had the patience to get to know who I was to the point of knowing what I think and feel.

Thank you for being the teacher of my life, for becoming my guardian angel, for making my load much lighter,  for giving me your heart full of true love and giving me the drive to achieve the impossible.

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