If Opportunity Doesn’t Come Knocking, Build A Door

If Opportunity Doesn’t Come Knocking, Build A Door

Last update: 28 July, 2022

In life, if anything is true it’s that if we are to achieve our dreams or goals, we have to go look them and not let up in our efforts.

Opportunities, if we do not go out and find them, will pass us by, sometimes ahead of us, sometimes thousands of kilometers away… but what is clear is that they won’t be there waiting for us.

Often we complain that we do not live the life we ​thought we would, work where we wanted to or that the opportunity we imagined hadn’t presented itself. But, have you actually worked for what you intended or did you just want it to happen?

And I do not mean you’ve spent an afternoon or a day, but that you’ve invested your time, your effort, your desire, your determination and your perseverance.



Quick fixes for these issues usually don’t work. It requires a combination of attitude and skills, as well as persistence and a passion for what we do. We also have to be willing to work with alternatives and have a tolerance for frustration.

An opportunity, most times, is created and constructed. Rather, you create it and you construct it… You just need to be clear about what you want in your life and go for it.

Formulate your objective, concrete and simple; if you only have a general sense of your dreams, determine the specific objectives that will get you to your goal in a positive way. But be aware that it is a process.

As in any process, you must take risks. Surely you can use a past experience where you’ve achieved something to understand it and support yourself, even if you were younger or you had someone as an example.

And keep in mind that all risk requires you to take responsibility of your decisions. Stop blaming others or circumstances and have the courage to take control of your life.




There will be obstacles and fears, uncertainties and disappointments, and even times when you prefer to throw in the towel. But this is all part of the process. I like to remember that line from the movie Into the Wild when the protagonist mentions that in life, it’s not as important to be strong as it is to feel strong.

 Believe you can, that you are capable of doing it and go for it! And though sometimes you believe you’ve used the right resources or skills, or even made the right choice, you may get confused. You’ll only know once you’re on the journey

Each crisis, each bit of confusion and every failure is an opportunity to get a little closer to your goals.




Do not fear the possibility of correcting and learning from your mistakes. it is what will give you experience to get closer to what you want and closer to yourself. Because when we aim towards fulfilling a dream or goal, the path is both external and internal. It gives us the opportunity to get to know ourselves and delve into the depths of our essence, and that is greatness.

Therefore, when you want something, search for it, open all possibilities and build all the doors you need to move forward. You choose the materials, form, color and breadth of the lock, then, find the key that will take you to what you want through your door. In short, you choose your attitude towards the construction of your door and move in that direction. Be consistent, persistent and fight.

As Machado once said, Traveler, there is no path. The path is made by walking

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