Small Acts of Kindness That Will Brighten Your Day

Small Acts of Kindness That Will Brighten Your Day

Last update: 29 August, 2016

When was the last time you did something that involved little effort on your part but had a tremendous impact on someone else? I’m sure you’ve heard of small acts of kindness. These are actions that are not difficult for you but mean the world to other people.

A few minutes is all it takes and the result will be a smile all day both on your face and on that of the person who received that small kindness. Here are some small acts of kindness that will surely inspire you every day.

1. Create a special date to celebrate a person who is important to you

You should not limit yourself to wait for Christmas or Mother’s Day to celebrate with your loved ones. One of the small acts of kindness that will brighten your day is to create a special date with someone else. How about “Family Ice Cream-Eating Day”? By being a celebration itself, it will create greater unity among those who celebrate and over the years will give you great memories.


Traditional celebration dates must not be left out, but you don’t need to wait for a day marked by others to celebrate your loved ones. Why not create your own special moments?

2. Share a day with a loved one you don’t see much

When was the last time you saw your grandfather? With the passage of time we see that our agenda is full of commitments that keep us from the people who we love most. Another small act of kindness that will make your day the happiest is to visit your loved ones. It may not mean much to you to spend tonight visiting your mother or that friend you have not seen in years. But for them it may be a special moment.

The simple fact of passing by and saying hello to someone you haven’t seen in a long time shows that you care about them. Surely you’d like it too if someone showed up to surprise you and showed they cared about you.

3. Find an opportunity to praise someone

I’m not talking about praising your child or telling your boss how good he is. These two things we do very often. Among the small acts of kindness that can change your day is praising someone whom you don’t pay much attention to normally. When was the last time you turned to look at the person doing the cleaning in your office and thanked them for their work?

We take many things for granted such as the work and effort of others. We overlook those around us. You may just pass by them without even realizing they are there. They become ghosts to you. Today take a moment to see these people and praise them for the work they do. A thank you or a smile can brighten their whole day.

4. Listen to someone who needs to talk

How many times have you needed someone to listen to you but there was no one there? You know it’s a situation that hurts a lot. So you should know that another small act of kindness that can brighten your day is to listen to someone who needs it. Knowing that you have been able to help that person and perhaps have given a reason to continue will, without a doubt, make you feel good.

how friends truly are

But this act goes beyond how you feel, think about how you were there for someone who needed you, and in the future someone will be there for you. It is not always easy to stand for a minute to listen to someone else. Humans prefer to talk rather than listen, but doing the latter can be more rewarding than you think.

Small acts shout loud

These small acts brighten up your day because you can see beyond the usual and beyond yourself. In addition, they are so simple that surely you can find daily opportunities to carry them out and the joy will stay with you for a long time. What is your favorite? Have you done any of these things recently?


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