12 Things We Can Learn from Children

12 Things We Can Learn from Children
Sergio De Dios González

Reviewed and approved by the psychologist Sergio De Dios González.

Last update: 21 December, 2022

Children have the amazing ability to spread their hope, their zest for life, their happiness, and their ability to adapt to change with ease. They are the urge to live, the desire to know, and the best example of daily entertainment.

We have so much to learn from them; in fact, we should all go back to being a little more like children!

You teach me so much for someone so young

“For someone so young, my child, you teach me so much. You make me feel like the world is much more beautiful, more fun, more interesting, and less complicated than I sometimes think. You make me feel like what’s important is laughing at every silly little thing.

I know that your love is sincere, just like your words, which sometimes don’t make sense, but at the same time make all the sense in the world.

You teach me to see everything through different eyes eyes that are transparent and sincere, that still aren’t contaminated by the conventions and clichés that society suffocates us with.

With you, everything is different, new, unexpected, exciting! And you want nothing more. You live each moment intensely as if it were your last, and that makes me feel renewed and alive.”

girls hugging

12 things we can learn from children

1. Get excited

Never stop getting excited like a child over a new job, a new love, or a new friendship. Or even over your achievements, or the little things that happen every day.

Excitement, along with motivation, is the driving force behind achieving your dreams, don’t forget that.

2. Don’t be afraid of new things

It’s always better to regret what you’ve done than what you haven’t done. Don’t let yourself say things like: “What if I had gone on a date with that person?” or “What if I said yes to that job that I was so afraid of?”

Your assumptions are not reality. Sometimes a little bit of risk is necessary to keep going forward. Don’t limit yourself.

3. Have fun

Leave behind all your prejudices and fears of what people will say about you. Children enjoy themselves, laugh, and have fun because they’re not watching out for what people will say about them. They live in the moment.

Enjoy the little things, smile to welcome a new day, and add a little humor to your routine.

4. Be curious

When we lose our sense of curiosity, it’s almost like we die a little inside. Be curious about learning new things, discovering new places to visit. Curiosity leads us towards self-fulfillment.

5. Express yourself sincerely

Adults don’t often speak freely. We’re afraid of our words being rejected, or of what other people will say, or of bothering other people.

And when we always say what other people want to hear, we don’t feel good inside. Free yourself by expressing yourself sincerely, like a child would!

6. Take advantage of each moment

They say to take advantage of the good times, since the bad ones come alone. Live, enjoy, take advantage of your free time.

When sickness knocks on our door or when a loved one passes away, we realize many things that we take for granted. Maybe we should be more aware that everything is fleeting.

child with propeller

7. Love fearlessly

Why are we so afraid of love? Children simply love, there’s nothing more to it. They don’t think that one day their pet might die or that their childhood love will be nothing more than a memory when they’re an adult.

Don’t think about tomorrow; enjoy today. Love is one of the most beautiful things in life, so why be so afraid of it? Are you afraid of suffering? Everything passes, even suffering, but no one can take away the fun you’ve had.

8. Adapt to change

Children are the true masters of adapting to change. They can move to a new house, a new school, or even a new country, and everything is okay!

So if we’re the adults, what’s going to happen to us? Changes always renew and enrich our lives.

9. Don’t be afraid of falling; you’ll get up eventually

Have you ever seen a child fall without getting up? Life works the same way. It’s usually our minds that limit us.

Phrases like “I’m not going to do this because it might not go well!” will only anchor us to the spot, and we won’t be driven to move along the path ahead.

Fall down so you can get up again! It will be okay!

10. Don’t worry about what others think

We’re too conscious of the people around us. But what about what you want?

Listen to your heart and act according to how you are.

11. Ask questions without being afraid or embarrassed

What’s so bad about asking questions? Do you think you will seem stupid? Not at all; it’s quite the opposite. Asking questions shows humility and a desire to learn.

12. Relax; don’t force things

When children get tired, they go to sleep. Not letting yourself rest will lead to debilitating chronic stress. Take a breath so you can rebuild your strength.

Be like a child again and never lose your enthusiasm! How can you do that? By always having a child around.

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