17 Things Kids Said That Will Make You Smile

When I grow up, I want to be a kid again, reclaiming the innocence and simplicity of those days. You'll find yourself longing for that sweet nostalgia after reading this article.
17 Things Kids Said That Will Make You Smile

Last update: 30 June, 2024

When I grow up I want to be a kid again. I want to recover that innocence, spontaneity and simplicity. I want my reasoning to once again bring a smile to adults’ faces. And I want to be able to find a bunch of splendid moments in a bad day.

I’m sure that, after reading this article, you’ll also long for that feeling of sweetness that we sense when remembering those old times.

I love that devastating reasoning, that sense of justice, that transcendence, the ability to love, to forgive and thatability that kids have to enjoy.

“The best smell is bread. The best taste is salt. The best love is from children.”
Graham Greene

drawing kid and cake

Today we bring you some wonderful phrases from kids that were compiled by El Hormiguero 3.0. All of them will surely bring a smile to your face. Or will at least they’ll make you think about things that so far you thought were unshakable…

1. Grandma, do you like to study? Because I don’t even like talking about it.

2. Lola was in a store with her mother and an aunt. She had a lollipop, and a woman said, “So grown up and she still eats lollipops.” And Lola answered, “Do I mess with what grownups put in their mouths?”

3. Celia wanted to play princess with her cousin, but he didn’t want to be a prince or a knight or anything. So, she got really angry and said, “Fine, be your boring self!”

drawing moon and owls

4. Daniela asked her aunt, “Is God up in the clouds?” Her aunt answered, “Yes, of course. He’s in the clouds.” Then the kid asked, “And when is he going to come down and meet me?”

5. Eva’s dad asked her, “Do you want school to begin?” The kid answered, “No. Because they make us do homework, and then they don’t even pay us or anything.”

6. One day someone asked Gonzalo, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” The kid answered, “What I sure don’t want to be is people.”

drawing girl clouds and heart

7. So you’re an engineer, but you don’t know how to tie a bow…

8. Mom, I don’t understand why God collects dead people…

9. Mom, how long have we known each other?

10. There’s no juice? Well, bring me wine!

11. Mom, when I was born, how did you know my name was Nicholas?

drawing girl with wings

12.  –I want some water.

What’s the magic word?


13. While on a trip, Jose asked his dad, “Dad, where am I going to die?” And his father answered, “We don’t know that yet, why do you ask?” To which the kid responded, “So I can never go there!”

14. Martin’s mother told him one day that she really liked his face. And he answered, “You can have it, but let me keep it for you.”

15. When Robert’s sister was born, one of his friends went to meet the baby. Robert said, “Come look. She doesn’t bite.”

16. I can kick really hard now. My childhood is gone!

17. –Daniel, don’t pet the dog. He’s scared of all the fireworks.

Mom, do I look like a firework?

 Hope you liked them!!

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