Never Expect Others to Take the Initiative

Never Expect Others to Take the Initiative

Last update: 06 February, 2017

Taking the initiative is something that is sometimes quite difficult. That’s why most times we expect others to be the ones to take the first step. This only denotes a selfish attitude; a mistake we make on more than one occasion by waiting as long as it is the others who take the initiative, instead of us.

“Taking the initiative does not mean being pushy, angry or aggressive. It means recognizing our responsibility to make things happen.”

-Stephen Covey-

When do we want others to take the initiative? When we think they should ask us for an apology, when it comes to making a decision, thinking of a plan, and so on. Others thinking for us is very comfortable, but think about it, isn’t it a little selfish?

If you don’t, nobody else will

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The initiative is not only present when we let others take it for us on the issues of choosing a place to go or regarding apologiesIt goes beyond that. You take initiative in your daily life, whenever you choose a job, every time you decide to get up each morning, every time you decide to do something on your own.

Your initiative will get you where you want to go, so you should never think that even though you’re doing it others will do it too. Thinking like that means that you do not have goals in life, that you find yourself on road with no exit and that your motivation is absent.

Do not waste a single day without moving closer to your dreams. It is in your hands to get them, reach them and be successful.

But initiative is something that very few people notice. Initiative is doing something without anyone encouraging you, without anyone pressuring or coercing you. It’s something that comes completely from you, your own thinking, your reasoning, without influence, without pressure and without insinuations.

If you do not take the first step in your life, you probably will probably never achieve what you dream of. You’ll see how opportunities will pass before you without the power to catch them and you will watch how others achieve their goals while you keep yourself from pursuing yours.

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Perseverance will be your ally

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Sometimes initiative without perseverance is nonsense. Clearly we cannot always be an unstoppable force and will, but if you have something in mind you should go for it.

“The key to achieving our goals (luck, as some often called) lies in waiting for the right opportunity to take the initiative.”

-Jennifer Delgado-

Our biggest mistake when taking initiatives in our life is postponing everything that we long to achieve. Clearly we see life as if there were always a tomorrow and that’s why we did not enjoy it or we risk the here and now.

We tend to always leave everything “for another day” and we put off the things we really want. Isn’t this delaying our well-being and happiness? It seems that we have become accustomed to postponing everything, preventing ourselves from focusing on the present and future.

Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today

We learn to persevere, to fight for the things we really want to achieve. If you want something, do it now! Do not procrastinate. Tomorrow is another day, tomorrow you may no longer have the strength to take the path toward your dreams.

Stop watching life pass before you. Stand up and start acting. Action will be what takes you far away.

If you want something, set it up. It is useless to think about it and postpone it. Take initiative in your life and do not think that others will, because your life is yours. Live in the present, persevere in what you want to achieve. There is nothing easy in this life, because if so the things we achieve would lack value.

The goal will be more satisfactory than you really think. Strive, struggle, take the initiative, take charge of your life, work hard…you’ll get what you want before you know it. When you least expect it, you’ll find the pinnacle of success by achieving your dreams.

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