The Men Who Truly Love Women

The Men Who Truly Love Women
Cristina Roda Rivera

Written and verified by the psychologist Cristina Roda Rivera.

Last update: 21 December, 2022

Loving is an art like any other, an art to be practiced and improved upon.

Our collective imagination contains many myths about and classifications of what a “real man should be like; some are negative and others are much more positive.

“Childhood love follows the principle: I love because they love me. Mature love adheres to this principle: They love me because I love.  Immature love says: I love you because I need you. Mature love says: I need you because I love you.” 

Erich Fromm

Passion between two lovers is sometimes described as something irrepressible and unstoppable. At first, this can be exciting. Unfortunately in reality, those involved can become the executioners of their own stories if this passion becomes obsessive and toxic. 

The passion shared between two lovers can end up turning into a prison. This trajectory, taken to the extreme, is where we get the wonderful, romantic, fantastic stories we see in movies and read in books.

When passion is a whirlwind of jealousy and reproach, a constructive and magical romance  is forgotten. This paves the way for an unhappy, bitter, and unproductive relationship.

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Hollywood movies tell us little of what coexistence is really like, or what it means to truly share our lives with another person. There comes a point when cohabitation and coexistence cease to be mysterious and exciting for those who are lucky enough to be part of it.

However, if one longs to contemplate the moral side of love in a “real and uncensored” way, she should watch the movie Amour”  by Michael Haneke. It is a wonderful film that explores the what love based on intimacy and mutual respect is truly like. 

The irresistible charm of men who don’t impose, but simply share 

Men who truly want to simply share their lives, to get to know a woman, and to experience a mutual captivation, are very devalued in this day and age.

These men don’t see themselves reflected in the images of battle heroes, nor in bloody men of war. It may be relatively easy to find a man eager to become a hero and conquerer. However, few are the men who truly seek to become the best versions of themselves. Thanks  to the gift of human reason, these men simply look to improve, not dominate. 

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Undoubtedly, the men who possess this rare behavior and attitude delight the hearts of all those who cross their path. These men never turn into a nightmare. They only transform into a mutual dream.

The men who truly love women… 

The men who truly love women are always suitable and deserving. Maybe they don’t always find their kindness reciprocated in space and time, but the imprint is always etched in stone for the women who have the pleasure of knowing them.

The men who truly love women don’t impose and don’t bully. They are not even obsessed with seducing a woman, but rather more with the pleasure of being seduced.

They aren’t attracted by the reputation of a woman. Often they pay more attention to the qualities that make them feel happy and blessed every day they spend with her.

They care more about a woman’s struggle for her true identityand the consequences that result from this struggle in the form of virtues.

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They often help their female friends with their romantic conquests. They consider that two people’s happiness can only be found in share values, and not in possessions or appearances.

They assume that love can come to an end. They get vertigo from contemplating the precipice of passion. But just because they do does not mean they give up striving for it. 

These men also appreciate the value of stability and routine. However, this comes with the condition that it is based on the true free will of two souls who feel they belong to each other.

Undeniably, the men who love women always love gently, in a way that doesn’t hurt, that doesn’t suffocate, that doesn’t entomb. Artfully, they loosen the hold of those weapons society uses to drown and overwhelm us, and soon there is nothing else to do but keep wanting to be with them.

The men who love women are many in number, and should be defended and recognized in this day and age.  

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